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Game consuming overmuch graphics card resources

Date and Time: Wednesday October 30 (UTC-3)

Server Name: Silute

Team Name: Elisen

Character Name: Sagara

Issue Description: For the past days I was playing Tos and Payday 2 at the same time. I mean that I opened both games and sometimes I alt-tabbed to Payday 2 and then to Tos and so on. I’ve never had any problems but on October 30th I’ve noticed that Payday 2’s FPS were worryngly low. I normally get capped at 60 FPS but I came to epxerience 9 FPS, and ToS also showed me a red light on the frame data feature. If I play any X game I’ll run it just normally. But ToS will always consume me between 80% to 98% from my GPU and I repeat; I’ve never experienced a frame loss before.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Open the game.

Screenshots / Video:

Game Control Mode: Mixed between controller and keyboard.


  • CPU: Intel Core i7-7700 x4 @ 3.60GHz
  • RAM: Crucial DDR4 8GB x2 @ 2666 MHz
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 @ 2 GB
  • Mainboard: msi PRO-VH Plus H110M (MS-7A15)
  • Storage: SSD Western Digital Blue 250 Gb SATA3
    HDD Seagate Barracuda 1 Tb
  • Controller: Microsoft Xbox 360 wired
  • Keyboard: Nisuta NS-KB29L
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro version 10.0.17763 compilation 17763 x64
  • Internet Connection: Arnet broadband 6 MB
  • Country, Region: Argentina, SA