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Galeed Plateau quests... wtf?

  1. Carvings on the Pillar

What is the reason behind wasting two ***ing hours waiting for a pillar to appear to gain like 2k silver and 4x exp cards level 5? This is absurd beyond comprehension… At least reduce the duration to something meaningful like 10-15mins, which would represent the duration of finishing the other quests on the map.

  1. Something Carved on the Pillar

I used to complete this quest in seconds, but yesterday I tried again and was not able to get more than two Mysteriously Light Emanating Crystals from the Glyphrings in something like half an hour. And I don’t even know how I got them, since I tracked every Glyphring I killed and they never dropped any. Is this quest bugged or was it changed somehow? Again for 2k silver, 4x level 5 exp cards and an obsolete weapon recipe the requirements should not be so absurd.

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Funny, just yesterday I heard that from a guildie doing the “Something Carved on the Pillar” Quest.
According to her, she only got those LEC by killing the Elite Version of the Glyphrings.
Now it’s like “Welcome to the past Nak Muay Hell!” in terms of time required to finish it :haha:

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Well … I don’t know if it’s related, but after maintenance the chance of getting Chupacabra Food apparently decreased. I only got half the amount at the same hunting time on the same map.

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Just for fun I tried to camp for an Elite Glyphring (won’t tell you how long it took to generat one :haha:)… didn’t drop any crystal. Tried other mobs/elites: nothing. This just seems that the drop rate has been decreased from 100% to 0.1%.

Wait a friggin minute…

I think I got this now. This must be a bug with the “summoned” flag. I just got some Mysteriously Light Emanating Crystals by killing Glyphrings summoned by an Elite mob on the map. My guess is devs wanted to remove drops from summoned mobs, but instead did the opposite… :man_facepalming:

Noted yesterday: “Carvings on the Pillar” quest now takes ~15mins to spawn the pillar. Much better.

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