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Galeed Plateau for 2020

Hi All,
Returning player here, so I do remember playing this map a few years back, and even looking at older posts, it has sufficient guides.

  • thing i noticed on my return and starting a new character to re-acquaint myself again to the controls is that nearly half of the majority of the quests are gone now. What happened?

  • noting this, if half are gone why are all in the Galeed Pleateau not working for me as a new character?

• Something carved on the Pillar: I have those light emanating crystals, but I am not able to activate the pillar to continue with the quest

• Look for the pieces of the pillar - I have found all 4 pieces, and yet it doesn’t activate the pillar.

• 3 Numbers are the Secret of the Pillar - doesn’t…work?

• Carvings on the Pillar - I have seen the hidden pillar and yet I could not activate/start the quest…Is this one of the quests taken out or not?

Any guide/info on which work and not would be helpful. Thanks ^^

Many quests are marked a subquests and hidden/inaccessible until level 400 or after you clear revelations? You won’t need them to progress normally.

I’m not sure on specifics of the quests you are listing but maybe you can find some quest items on maps before starting them?

@Azusagi ooh lvl 400 you say? thanks for the tip! I don’t level very fast tho, I casually go through things. I’m just going thru the map progression by map levels/ maps I can access and picking up quests along the way as I run around. I find it interesting to reminisce the story lines of the quests I used to do.

It’s easier nowadays to leveling up (or boring, for some people) by doing Episode Quests by pressing F5 to open quest tabs.

Basically that’s all the main story quests that matters (progress & stories wise), all other blue and green mission is side quests.

They speeding things up because most of the contents in on the endgame

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