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Gacha, again! Bored of Subpar Gameplay

Here we are, well into 2019 and

-Optimization is dog ■■■■ compared to other MMO with PvP.

As if a forum post on the iToS even matter…but are you guys even trying to make a good game? Why does your game run like garbage? Is the money THAT good? Is development going to continue to do as little as possible to maintain the current whale pods of k/j/iToS???

As one leaves another is born, you don’t care if we quit, or take breaks.

I’ll keep watch, like I did over Day Z. Always watching. Always judging.


Have you ever tried checking your gaming rig perhaps?

I’m here running with i5 Gen 7, 8 GB RAM, GTX 950 and it doesn’t give me a lot of problem (lag is always existed when it comes to World Bosses / Gemfeud, but it’s not bugging me at all).

Also if your rig is pretty much well enough, have you tried checking your internet bandwidth?

Lmao ■■■■ off the game runs like ■■■■ for everybody and you know it.


Skykyrie, I have a better rig than you.

I have good internet.

When I rock WoW arenas there isn’t input lag for every single ■■■■■■■ spell


Also, does anyone know where the iToS server box(es) are located?

Texas would probably be most optimal for everyone (I’m playing from Ontario)

Pretty sure they’re in Virginia but I’m not 100% sure.

Tree’s performance is completely reliant on your processor and RAM. Also certain things appear to still be busted if you have an AMD card, there are a few people who say that they simply can’t do certain things, like get close to Boruta for example, due to the game having an aneurysm if they get close.

For me, performance isn’t much of an issue until the channel starts lagging due to load. This is less of a client issue, the client only hangs during what I believe is inventory checking (like when I craft something–or weapon swapping which I simply don’t do on any build anymore as a direct result). It’s absurdly bad.

You can also improve the game’s performance by completely restarting it before doing something like GVG or Feud, keeping a clean inventory (due to what I mentioned above), and hell even turning off the shout bar scroll.

It’s also not really so binary as a “devote development resources to gacha” vs. “devote development resources to optimization” kind of thing. No workplace operates in that kind of way. Think about how you prioritize any kind of task at your job currently. There are things you know and expect will take several days/weeks as a big project to complete, where others you can knock out in a few minutes or hours so you’ll probably tackle those first. This also isn’t really a defense of IMC, I hate how poorly the game is optimized too, but it’s not really helpful to just bitch about gachas. No one likes gachas. The concern of course is how IMC (or any game dev, let’s be real) can find a successful model for making money–especially when loot boxes become more and more of a legal problem.

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Gacha wouldn’t even be a problem if the game worked at industry standard. Gambling is fine to an extent.

My point with including it in the post is that, we all know they make money off of us, but they don’t prioritize making a functioning/smooth game.

Edit: P.S. the squeeky wheel getst he oil. Gotta complain when things are bad.

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Even if he had a potato computer he should be able to play ToS smoothly, it’s not like we were talking about a triple AAA next gen game. The way they created this game make it impossible to solve some problems everyone is experiencing.

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Havn’t played since this post and won’t play until the next “performance” update. You other discerning folks know the gameplay is insulting. IMC just wants your money :slight_smile:


obvi I’m butthurt, this game could have been/could be so good.

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