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[FYI] Streaming site that are awesome

There are many streaming websites that are well known such as youtube or twitch. But there are others out there that are worth looking into. So here a list of some that I used or are using right now. [Industry limit is 3500kbps]

  1. Beam Streaming Service Zero Delay feature [Best option if interacting with your community and or setting up controls like twitch plays. ] Has limits but there is a reason why. FTL does not work on mobiles devices.

  2. Hitbox Don’t know but the service is better than twitch (no KBPS limit. could go up to 4k )

  3. Twitch Amazon (You are limited to 3500 for free users, many restrictions)

  4. youtube Google Pray that copyright bot does not screw you over.

  5. ustream IBM Company

  6. facebook you need to create a page for this to work. Quality is bad… Limited to 4hrs and 4000kbps

To use beam FTL you may need a special version of OBS which you can get here

For those who are using xsplit

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Free watchable and not too heavy that it gives me pokerus…

that’s my best site :slight_smile: