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Future changes about Hackapell class

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I want to propose to put “Hackapell” class from Swordman tree class on scout tree class. i propose this because Hackapells were supposed to use swords and pistols on battles… Moreover, Hackapell class have higher values of DEX as Scout classes are supposed to have, dealing multihits with it skills boosted with p.critical attack plus Atk.speed etc.

To substitute “hackapell” class on the Swordman tree class i propose to add a new mounted class that uses sword and shield as well (Some of the skills from hackapell could be on this new class while the new hackapell gets a new ones too). It could have both sword and shield skills (like slash and strike skills (it could be changed using an attribute (maybe))) which means that it could have good sinergy with a lot of class combinations. It could have the lost “Shield Charge” skill from Rodelero for example (maybe reworked to have a different graphics effects).

I’m going to give some ideas about the name of the class:

Another option could be a Two-handed shield class which uses a new kind of shield called “paves”, or a samurai using a "katana"

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

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Introducing new weapontypes would be quite awkward, especially in swordsman that already has a mess of options. A samurai class could very well just use swords or bows
I think moving Hacka to scout would be good thematically, but gameplay wise, i dont think it pairs very well with SR, which would be the obvious choice to combine it with (pistol + mount)

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SR should not be the main combination. Outlaw + Corsair + Hackapell should be one of the best because all of them would have a “weapon swap” roll. the new Hackapell on Scout tree should have pistol attacks, but sword attacks too (or sword and dagger). It could be paired with SR too i think. The key is that Hackapell would give a good sinergy with a lot scout classes and could make able to use some sword and dagger classes, mounting a companion.

Anyway ty for your contribution.

wtf is this name class…google result shows weird stuff. is this an actual name in history?

well they could introduce 1 new weapon type for all classes if ever they would make another set of new classes.
something along the lines for
swordie = katana
scout = throwing knife
wiz = book / orb
ranger = balista/heavy crossbow
cleric = Bo stick.

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Sounds like a mess of weapon incompatiblity for weapons that already have semi-equivalents.

Its finish cavalry or something like that. Its from Finland anyway