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Funny people during the betas


I’m done with you two. Your mothers have given you eyes, but you don’t see anything.

It’s like talking to walls.

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delusion about what? and why do you know that you not create that delusion by your self? at the end nothing change founder pack will up to sell and me or another who want that pack will buy it. c’mon man this is not about right or wrong if you take a good look and open your mind it’s just a simply purpose of each people.

Well as i stated before:

  • all founders with same price
  • all founders start the same day
  • headstart couple of week.3 week

the only difference is it will be 1 month

It kinda feels satisfying to know you’ve been right in what you said all these last days while people just kept insulting you.

P.S. now stop arguing and go vote in the announce section

You’re the minority, get it. :3

It’s ok i don’t care about major or minor i only made my choice and i aware that is only my opinion. it’s a simple democracy you have to accept the majority of people but also you have to listen minority of people too.

Well, the minority will get to play and the rest will whine and cry and come back in June shamelessly and demand things, this will happen, wheter you support them or not, I support the company and their amazing game.

Why do people always assume it’s either one thing or another and no compromise?

I mean, it’s not that everyone hate the idea they came up with about the Founder’s Packs. It’s that they went too far by making early access an extremely long time. That is what splits the community and all those things I don’t have to repeat. It’s written all over the forums.

And also the fact they promised an open beta but changed it to this founder server without saying anything.

It about not dropping a bombshell on everyone (unless it’s meant to be funny but this isn’t funny).

if you seen the new announcement here: Announcement Regarding Changes in Plans (Poll Closed)

You can tell the main issue is just the 3 months early access and the bombshell dropping thing. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone still unhappy with what they did.
This is what I meant by compromise.

I used to play online game that open for a long time is it that bad if you just left behind? i got a lot of help from people who play before me and that a good point. so i don’t think 3 months or 3 years will cause anything.

Also i don’t think every one that complain about this will stay in game for long time when they reach some point or newer game come they will left this and go on another game.

Peoples have pride, they will try to glorify the first decision they make. Either that or they are hired by IMC.

I already see that announcement and i put my vote in the same choice as i made in the beginning i want founder pack stay in 3 month as the same but well if majority say 1 month they will go for it too. At least i don’t care about it too.

Anyway, voting started. Whatever happens, that’s that.

7 days is the best option for the game. 30 days is best option for people that want to take the time advantage.

No option at all is the best for f2p players AND the game even more, but an alternative solution.

They made the 30 days deal better than others, so that will probably win. Another underhanded tactic, but whatever.

I’m just going to consider F2P players asking for no options as biased.
And I’m going to consider people who is asking for Option C biased.

I mean, if F2P are saying option C is good then you know it’s not biased because they don’t gain anything out of it.

Vice Versa for the paying people asking for no options.

I feel that some 30 day option people are just choosing it not for the time but for the 60 Day token and the companion and the extra ■■■■.

Option A and B same price.
B gives more time, yet more items.

IMC already planned for Option B to be the answer. They just had to throw in Option A and C to make it seem like we “chose” our options so we can’t complain about it.

I mean, if I was a paying customer I’ll go for B since it’s value for money. But I’m still deciding or not to pay so i’ll stay neutral.

If Option A had the same items as Option B but less time, I’ll definitely choose Option A.

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Ya, that’s what I thought when I first saw the poll.

I’m fine with 1 month though. I just hope the market is not destroyed by the time it’s opened to the public (3 months will definitely inflate everything).

well i agree it not about option people who want to pay will still pay and people who not want to pay will never pay.

Yeah. They already decided to pay so they’ll definitely go for the better deal.

I don’t think that market or anything will be destroy by head starter they are player as the same they get item they place it on sell and the more they get ahead the more lower price of lesser lv. gear and it will has even more craft material.

As long as there are people who want to exploit the market, the market will be broken sooner or later unless trade is not allowed, or a very good system to stop the exploitation is implemented.

It’s a matter of time anyway.

People will complain no matter what…