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Full Tank Build?

Can anyone do the endgame content? Glacia Legend Normal+ / Singularity 5 playing full tank?

Basically any character of any class well-equipped can do the endgame content.
But of course there are better options to do so and you can check it in-game or asking people the top tier of each class tree.
If you have good ichors {block or evasion, CON etc} + varnas items +11 trans 10 you can at least farm your endgame equipment for sure.
And what do you mean by “full tank”? Shield + Sword/Spear?

yeah, paladin is the only viable build for tank

Yes, olschool tank? Sword+Shield =/

Well, likte @TeamTrees said, the only viable build for tank is paladin. Not only that, but people have a combination for playing that specific build [tank/support]
But if you wanna play sword + shield just go for that!
If you have the right blue cards, CON items, def/defm enchants etc and being a swordsman; you’ll have high HP and defense/defm so you can be a tank. But of course you won’t tank for your party. You are a damage dealer with high resistance. And again, with the right equipments you can be useful for your party maybe holding aggro and killing mobs.
Actually I tryed that … I imagined a shieldmaiden and just went this way! xD

@Timothy I try some Ichors with 2 blues/1green/1purple (Plate/Medium offsetting/Con/Block)

Do you think it is viable?

@TeamTrees paladin can agro like swordsman?

nope but can protect all member from any damage using barrier , because Directs damage inflicted to party members inside [Barrier] to the casting Paladin , don’t need thinking aggro because as long you strong enough can tank any party damage

Wrong class. You want to be a Cleric > Paladin for a Full Tank.

I’m being positive if I say you might be a tank in some cases where the party won’t need really specific and well built characters, such as Skiaclipse, Challenge Mode 7 Sojunga/WB etc.

But for a party which wants to do the end-game content (glacia hard, moringponia hard etc) be sure they may have not only one support, but sometimes two are necessary. So they will want 3 hard DPS to “carry” them to the victory lol

What I am saying is: your build is ok as long as you deal tons and tons of damage because they will have Paladin/Diev/Oracle or something like this for hard end game content.

You can play as DPS/Tank for yourself and still survive a lot if things go wrong xD

The best approach for IMC to make Swordsman Tanking viable again is to introduce a life leech thorn mechanic. Then again maybe this is asking too much.