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Full Solo Normal Uphill Diev-Druid-Exo

Video Description : I used Diev-Druid-Exo build. The overall run was pretty straight forward. Set your character with enough damage and cooldown to cover both lane. Even without cooldown reduction, skill management and timing correctly is do able as well!

On the side note, it’s possible to solo hard mode. I managed to get to stage 10 on hard mode with my current gears but i wasn’t strong enough to catch all the bombers that running toward to the center statue. Maybe the future buff patch will help out with overall damage.

No T10 or +16 weapon/equipment nor Drak Pasi were used in game! I also had +3 boruta seal which is useless since i don’t have any set effect… lol

Here’s the skill build:

Also, Exo-Diev-Miko work the same way as Exo-Druid-Diev! I personally like having grass to kill monsters from far away before they reach middle!

Video Link :