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Frieno or Lynnk for Exo-Druid

Lynnk give more magic damage bonus, but frieno increase damage in multi hit skills… So what is the best?

why not both?

Drakonas Pasiutes is the best accessory set for damage. Drakonas Frieno is the best for CM clear. All other sets are ■■■■. Lynnki is awful except for some specific meme usecases in PvP for the snare possibly, and you will never get Dragon Strength 2 to make Kite Moor decent.

This is true for all classes, except full summoner builds where I’m not 100% sure if you just wanna stick to Rangova’s or not.

I was not considering pasiutes, because that build is magic. But thanks for info

Crit outperforms the extra matk or int you get from anything else by miles. I know it’s weird with phys attack accessories on wizards but it’s still the best choice. ^^

I’ve personally tested Drakonas Pasiutes, Lynnki Sit and Frieno on wizard for PvP
All of them give similar results, well, advantage of Pasiutes is you get more crits and have more CON, with Lynnki you can CC people a lot if your build have many multihits and Frieno is good because you can proc easily with multihits and the icewall combo is pretty strong, also you can ignore enemy defense always hit around 1k per proc but you will have lower CON and the stats doesn’t really suit magic casters. I still prefer Lynnki for PvP usage.

For PvE in general I would recommend Drako Pasiutes (if you have other characters you can use for both magic and physical classes), it’s sad that the stats suits more Physical Dealers than magic, but I think the extra crits will compensate more than the extra m-atk/c-dmg from Lynnki sit, unless you somehow manage to get a Lv.5 Boruta seal, because the Dragon Strenght Lv.2 from Lynnki is the strongest one in my opinion when facing strong monsters like Boruta or Legend Raid Boss.

If your PvE is limited to CM, go with Frieno, no doubt this is acessory is insane for challenge mode for multihit builds.

I see, so even for magic builds pasiutes is the best choice… I wasn´t think about this option. Thanks guys for the answers