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Friend is having file issues

My friend and I recently wanted to start playing ToS again but he is having issues. He can load and join the game but gets major rubberbanding that makes the game unplayable for him. We live less then 25 miles apart and use the same server, have similar internet packages and his cpu has better hardware then mine. We thought it might be server side latency but I do not have the same issue.

We have tried many different things from reinstalling, lowering the graphics, increasing the performance metrics on his Radeon hub, ect. I recently had him validate his files, as we use steam, and it showed that he has 8 files that needed to be validated. When he loaded the game it forced him to do an update. Upon joining the game he got the same rubberbanding, so he exited the program and revalidated again. It prompted him that 8 files again needed validating.

Is this a known issue? If so, how do we fix it. He has never had this issue in the past.

Which server is he playing on?

NA = Klaipeda
SA = Silute
EU = Fedimium
W = Sea/KR/JP server merged.

We are in NA Klaipeda.

The game will always fail to validate some files intentionally. It deletes the patcher files telling the game what version you are on, so then the patcher thinks you need to redownload a bunch of patches. This is done to help remove any corrupted or missing files, but there could be nothing wrong regardless and it will still do this.

I do remember someone who had a very similar issue… but I don’t remember if he ever got it fixed. There might be software running alongside the game that makes it unhappy, outdated drivers, or something else.

I would try running the game in DirectX9 / 32bit if you haven’t already. Press the bottom button that comes up after the patcher:

Beyond that all I can suggest is to try updating drivers, closing any unnecessary programs, reinstalling the game from scratch, etc. There’s a lot of things that could be causing it and I can’t do much remotely. If you ever used addons in the past, those files will stay there even if you uninstall the game through Steam. Make sure you delete the entire Tree of Savior folder if you are going to reinstall.

Makes sense. We had already made sure all his drivers were up-to-date and had tried closing all other programs other then necessary system programs and steam. He tried both 32 and 64 bit during each attempt and it did not resolve anything.

I dont beleive he had ever used any add ons, but I will double check with him. I will have him try uninstalling and deleting the entire ToS file and resinstall as you suggest.

My friend is concerned that deleting ToS after uninstalling it will have him lose all his character data. Will that happen? If so, is there a way he can recover those characters after doing so?

No, your characters are tied to your Steam account. As long as you open Tree of Savior while you’re logged into the same Steam account as before, your characters will still be there. They aren’t stored locally on the client at all.