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Frenzy vs Pierce debuff


Torn between Barbarian and Hoplite as a Lancer. What’s better for bossing? Warcry is kinda useless for bossing with the exception of the -10% pdef deubuff, Cleave and Seism can’t be used while mounted.

Frenzy adds +68% damage when maxed out, but can be annoying to maintain. Is pierce weakness still a 50% increase in damage?


I’d say Hoplite is best for bossing. Hoplite also synergises well with Lancer, seems like a no brainer to me.


I’m not too experienced with the new Hoplite.

I’d say barbarian is more AoE oriented. Since you are a lancer, I think you may wanna specialize in single target (bossing), so I’d say go with hoplite.