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Free Attribute Extraction Not Given


Server : Klaipeda

Team Name : SuperHealthClub

Character Name : Kindred

Steam Account : seasonal1

Country : United States

System Information :

Type of Bug : Event Related

When the error happened(Date, time, location) : 01/17/2019 12:41AM

Steps to reproduce the issue : Attempt to extract attributes.
See a silver charge instead of the free 0 attribute extraction.

Description : This is happening on both my newly created Sorcerer and my older character Kindred my Pied Piper. I havent extracted from them yet, I have however extracted from all my other characters, but i was aware that the event was 1 free extraction PER character. Please fix this for me.

I have submitted a ticket to support and have gotten no response after submitting a the photos they asked for.

I was able to extract Attributes from all my characters and compiled them on my Hunter. However, once they were on my Hunter i became unable to extract them back off, despite not extracting from the Archer ever. I submitted to support pictures of me resetting the character completely and me using the attributes and it still shows I have to pay.

I’d like this to be fixed so i can use my attributes on my other characters i want to use them on.


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