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FPS Dropping on my cataphract

Hey guys, I’ve been leveling a Cataphract during my free time, and I’ve been having the time of my life… even if I’m still at Cata2, about to reach Cata3. The thing is, after the last patch this week, my cataphract started breaking my game… somehow.

I can play all my other characters with no issues at all, but when I log my Cataphract and buff myself with my swordy skills and Rush, my FPS starts dropping really really fast, to the point where I see my penguin mount advance before my Cata, and then jumping back D: I can fix it by relogging, but when I use any skill again (specially buffs) the game starts dying again… It’s really upsetting, because I play on a toaster most of the time, and relogging is not THAT quick, and the problem seems to happen only when I play this character, since I also have a SR3, Enchanter, Pardoner, and Sage and none of them seem affected by this thing.

In any case, is this a problem for anyone else, or is it just my toaster being an asshat? :c

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Buying a semi-decent graphic card actually solves most of the FPS issues.

I had replaced my old Radeon HD5450 for a Radeon R7 200 last year
and was instantly freed of the nasty lags and FPS drop spikes (FPS still drop a lot in towns, but that can’t be helped with a mediocre graphic card that only requires 1 motherboard slot & only has 1 active cooler fan; on maps and in dungeons the FPS are usually between 40 and 130 FPS at medium GC-settings).

It’s because the game client is very inefficient in handling gameplay, so better invest 1-2 bucks for a new graphic card to increase your experience by over 9000%!

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I have a I7 860, 6GB Ram and Ati Radeom HD 7750 (yes is a old pc), the game work god, but, y high PJ zones (Klaipedia or last events) have Drops, but normal runing have 50 to 100 FPS, with out full Screen (no use Full Screen for use Discord and web of game info).

But for low cost can buy a basic GPU (GTX 1050 or RX 560) and the game can go better… For example, a GTX 770 for 100€ (and this video card can run new games 1080p perfect… ).

I understand the part about upgrading my old toaster, but why does this problem only happen on my swordy and not on any of my other characters? D: if my pc is the problem, how come I don’t have any issues on my elememe, that’s quite a lot more… graphic than my swordy buffs? I mean, I could always wait and see if in any of the following maintenances the issue stops, but it still sucks to not be able to play with my cata… :frowning: and this only started happening after last patch, never had issues before.

Thanks for the recomendations on upgrading at low cost though, I will look into it.

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There are certain issues only inducing heavy FPS drops/lags/stuttering on certain skills/Classes (e.g. Divine Might causing heavy stuttering while cast due to the animation being badly coded, Merkabah[when riding in battle] and Praktiri causing lag&rubberbanding,etc.), and your best bet is actually improving your hardware to minimize the negative effect on your client as the developers take forever to solve general code issues (and they even introduce events like the Stonewhale one that suffer from these issues for a lot of people[i.e. those who have older/outdated hardware,causing their FPS to drop to zero,effectively crashing their clients]).

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It’s not an issue of hardware, I have same issue on my cata3. FPS is steadily dropping from 60 FPS to 20 FPS and below even just standing afk. It happens after using some cata skills. I’ve had no issues before patch and my GPU is definitely above ToS requirements.


don’t worry we got the same probleme , since the last patch my fps slowing drop when i stay too long without relogging . unmount ur pet and u’ll gain 20fps out of nowhere (even more sometime) definitly a bug linked to cata , don’t worry will be fixed soon i hope


Thanks for answering guys, I no longer feel alone in this ;u;

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Also there is another bug (FPS unrelated). Avoid clicking Alt + A in game (Hides UI). After you hide and unhide UI your mouse clicks becomes unresponsive, this means you can’t open inventory, click on stuff or even exit game.

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Weird, I just tested all my cataphract, dragoon, and swordsman skills last night and didn’t really experience any lag. My FPS also didn’t really take any hit compared to usual. My PC is also 7 years old with an 8 year old midrange video card Radeon HD 5750.

However Dethrone’s visual effect is still bugged.

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I tested today again and didn’t get any weird FPS drops this time, I’ll try testing some more when I get home… maybe it was magically fixed?

EDIT: Nevermind, FPS still dropping hard after like 4-5 minutes of running around a dungeon buffing myself.

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Alright, I’ll test doing a longer dungeon this time. I didn’t realize FPS didn’t drop for you until 4-5 minutes in.

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I spent 20-30 min grinding in Pystis forest with my cata and FPS started dropping drastically.

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I have same problem with my Lancer if Mounted the fps suddenly drops to 20 fps. then I try to unmount my lancer the fps back to normal.

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Just ran 145 dungeon and a saalus, didn’t seem to have the issue you’re describing. Maybe it only affects certain people.

Have you tried verifying your files?

Im experiencing this too.
It usually doesnt happen straight away but can kick in around my 3rd dungeon run
I’ve heard of allot of cata’s expereincing the same issue so im pretty sure its a coding issue or something
hopefully IMC will realise because I dont think they are that aware of it

bump! please. FPS is dropping when you ride your mount longer. happens in dungeon and even with normal maps.
the FPS gets back to normal when you dismount and FPS drops when you ride again.

I can confirm this is still happening… just finished my Cataphract’s mercenary runs :frowning:

ive had this problem for a long time already thats why i stopped using my cata much. 10-20 mins using trot in the same map causes your fps to go down. i have a SR. no problems with that class. trot is the problem.

how is possible this? this issue have so much time and still happening, i want play with my cataphract so much because is fun but for this problem i cant, GM come on dudes, repair this problem, this problem make impossible use a class, is disabled :C