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Fortress shield drop!

Map: Delmore Hamlet
Happy farming, guys!

is this applied now on iTos? or only in Ktos?

see fortress drop table at itos
at ktest
at ktos

they are exactly the same right? but it still drop on that video,.
Be the first person at itos who get it!

KTOS and KTEST can’t have drop tables datamined. All drop info on tos-neet for KTOS and KTEST is imported from ITOS.

If the shield does drop on KTOS, it was added recently. It still won’t be available on ITOS until we get the update that adds it.


even tosguru cant datamined it?
but when ktest has gacha/item update, tosktest is always up to date too, like when skia material released at ktos, tosktest already has drop table info way before itosneet

No, tos-guru can’t datamine it.

Mission drop information is stored in a different location. Regular monster drop information won’t ever appear on tos-guru or tos-neet’s KTOS or KTEST side before ITOS.

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Only on Ktos atm , not yet on itos

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thank you,
wen this patch hits, eveerybody will be out hunting :smiley:

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What’s good about that shield? Skin model?

Yeah, people only like it because of its unique look.


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yup, its the skin. i even modeled one at the Weapon Design contest but then tweaked it bcuz they might not consider that entry if it was a straight-up copy from the original.

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