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Foretell Arts ... kinda confused on how it works

So I noticed there’s a Arts for Oracle class Foretell: Ominous Prophecy

SO i picked it up and tried it on the dummys XDD

and this pops out …

Increases Enemy Damage … like whut? why???

try it on actual enemies that can attack? Description might just be wrong…hopefully

It’s most likely just a mistake in translation… but I still think it is the most useless art ever.

it should be decrease dmg and its not the most useless art
its useful if your party are scattered or you play mobile style like soloing DS 5
and its extra debuff count for skills like incinerate/pandemic
what makes it a little suck is the damage taken reduce by huge sum, no info whether foretell enhance attribute increase it and no compensation for the lower% at least like +5 sec duration

It needs more duration and should stay on the enemy even if it leaves the circle then it would be good…like this… I don’t feel like it is usable at all…

But yeah i see it could be good in singularity…but still… it’s not imo.

I think it’s a failed attempt… I see what they wanted with it but it’s not it… and I still don’t understand why they don’t fix it.

I’m open to ppl showing it’s usable and good tho.

Wait! Uhh could it be that with the arts foretell becomes a magic cirle and debuff enemies then they take damage equivalent to the original damage taken% factor?

Then with an added 12% damage reduction to the caster and the party inside?

As shown in the picture the enemies will take 57.6% added damage? Then isn’t this an OP debuff coupled with Death sentence?

dude its minus how come its addition
damage taken -% means damage reduce
also as we all know, so many arts and even attribute doesnt update main skill tooltip.this is just another example.
and you achieve 57,6 instead of previously 48 due to divine might

all in all its basically turning buff into debuff so mobs damage reduced and your range dps can roam around without having to stay in circle

I mean look at the tool tip at the dummy … it says “Enemy Damage Increase” means I the caster will increase its damage upon him right? I’m its enemy XDDD

I’d try it with someone later …

It’s kinda scary we’d buff the enemy plus reduce our damage taken buff at the same time … IMC is confused hahaha

Edit: Tried and at AA my damage was 616 then it turned to 634 ( so I guess it increased )

THEN! when tried skills ( my damage actually went down like THE HECK IMC?? what is this!!! you actually can buff your opponents hahaha ).

I’m totally skipping this now ( though I lkike the black color theme for the magic circle ) need more of those …