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Forest of Prayer: Ryskus"city" is not a city

This was mistranslated. In Korean “si-nae” cane be used to mean inner city or small stream of water. I think some one got lazy and just google translated the word.
it should be Ruskus “STREAM” not city.

this area is also mistranslated in the map quest. so it should be corrected


Oh… I was already dreaming it was a hook for some yet-to-be-implemented new city…

Thanks. It is really annoying when translators slack on their work. Hope IMC will react to stuff like this.

The change has been made, thanks for the report
It should go to the live servers at the next maintenance


Nope, the changes hasnt been made even after the 24 hours maintenance and the additional 7 hours maintenance

The changes has only been made on the map, it shows Ryskus Stream but it still shows Ryskus City on the “Prequisite Blessing” quest.

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At the time of my first post, i had already changed the relevant quest dialogue to match the corrected name too, this pull request was also requested / merged 2 weeks ago. (Github)

I’m sorry that it hasn’t appeared to the latest version on the live client yet.

Ahh finally someone reported this
When I was questing Ima be like “Was there a city like this in iCBT2?”

Turns out it was a section of the map @_@