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Forced to delete Characters


i stopped playing ToS last September and i tried to pick it up again but cant because im suddenly over the limit of character since the server merge happened and now im being forced to delete 2 of my high level character i cant even buy 100tp cuz i have to be in game to get it not even my pets can be deleted cuz they have items is there a way to get mt TP while on my character select screen or do i really have no choice but to delete 2 of my character losing all my items on those characters…


Were you ever able to find a solution to this problem, other than deleting characters? I am just returning and find myself in the same situation. I have 11/8 characters and I purchased a TP bundle to try and add character slots, but since I hadn’t played in a long time I forgot you need to log in to redeem it (I thought it just went to your lodge mail…) so now I’m stuck.

I sent in a ticket to see if there is anything they can do, did you ever send one or what action did you take?