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Forbidden: Episode 11 and Beyond [Klaipedia]2019

Forbidden: Episode 11 and Beyond [Klaipedia]2019

Forbidden is recruiting Saviors for Episode 11! We are a Klaipedia Guild, looking for active/friendly members interested in being generally cute. Players of any level are welcome to join and progress together.

  • Tri-Weekly Guild Raid+Card Album Party (Tuesday 7PM EST, Thursday 7PM EST, Sunday 6PM EST).
  • A Discord with tons of builds/guides, patchnote announcements, ktos thread updates, Velcoffer signup channel.

Forbidden’s current goal is to foster a fun and efficient environment to become Whitecrow Raid Ready. We are looking for social players who want to grow with their Guildmates. If you want to progress in Tree of Savior, and help bolster a new era of Forbidden, then Alt+R and Apply!! or whisper Yumm or Monsoonx … FORBIDDEN WANTS YOU!