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Focusing on Nak Muay, what other 2 classes?

Hie!! I am thinking of creating a new character from scratch and go for Nak Muay, I just like the attacks :heartbeat:

What other 2 classes will compliment such martial arts look? The new Luchador looks great too!

Any tips will be much appreciated, thanks!!

All depends on if you’re doing an Auto Attack build or skill build.
If an Auto attack build, I would recommend grabbing Barbarian with Nak Muay due to Frenzy and Warcry.

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Luchador/Peltasta they have sinergy

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After trying it out, having Luchador on an AA Nak Muay build feels… wrong. Both classes have a stacking buff (Nak Muay’s Vaivora Vision has one) that you need to keep track of in order to use a “super move” at max stacks. It’s easy enough to maintain Boreas stacks since going above 8 simply refreshes the duration, but with Luchador, you have to either let it rip or let it go at 5 stacks. Personally, it feels like being tugged in two different directions.

Besides that, both classes definitely have decent synergy, and opting for a skills-based Nak Muay build will probably be easier to manage. I’m probably going to take Barbarian and Templar just to stack as many damage bonuses as possible on my basic attacks, which include every other Nak Muay attack skill when Muay Boran is active.

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you can go either Retiarius - Hoplite for bulk one handed spear damage or Murmillo - Rodelero for strike type damage.

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