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Fix Ichor for Healer

HI guys, which goddess/demon fix ichor do healer use? thanks

It is situational but if you want something to start with your character, I recommend going compassion.
With this ichors I can go to challenge modes, singularity, etc and I consider it more than enough.

In the future, if you decide to go certain builds/classes - like paladin or a healer for glacia - you’ll have to get specific ichors (like iron wall or thraw, for example).

For your weapon - you didn’t ask, but …
You can go moringponia mace.

I think he specically asked for goddess/demon fixed ichors, I assume he’s already past the basic gear if he asks this.

(I also want to know the same!)


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But yeah, you NEED to use thraw for glacia. And for paladins, maybe a tank ichor is better

Austeja definitely. Even more if you’re like me and abhor that stupid wheel and constantly use Urgent Target with your healer.