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First QUICK LOOK at the game :)

Character Name: Globo Games

Video Description : Hey! I love this game so i create short quick look at the game! Let me know what do you think about the video :slight_smile: Have fun.

Video Link :


Enjoy it when you still can :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Why is that sad answer?

Great video! it’s a good looking game, it need some fix here and there. But enjoy!

For the sake of your enjoyment and sanity, please spend more time in the game than in the forum…

Nice video, that way of talk and voice feels like am getting a mission in hitman :blush:

“Your mission if you accept it, is to rescue the goddess and murder all the things”

good video, mr kim will proud of you :gift_heart:


Your video is kinda cute but…

HAHA ! You guys are sick!