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Finding hardcore player for Delmore battlefield hard raid

asking for gear score 7400
dont know gimmick no problem

dps with full offsetting leather and medium (75k damage or above)
dps with half offsetting 80k damage or above

healer with basin, we bypass bird gimmick
healer without basin, no problem too we do 5 bird

flagbot with full offsetting or half, if can know how to do spear in phrase 2(dont know also no problem will teach)

Anyone with 80k can explain how to reach that value? In particular, what’s the gap between full +21 and above? (+21 to +21 with +30 weapons? +21 with +30 weapons to full +30?)

About 80k used to be full+30, but with new jewelry added last week its easier to reach that.

A mix of
+12 to +16 new jewels, 21 to 25 armors, one weapon about 30 and others 21 or more.

its true what u say, varna is you best choice
ya, i love choose brutal level

is kinda hard with 80k damage, but 75k is welcome but must with 7k for both leather and medium offsetting stat

The gap is like 8000 with all the gear +30 vs +21.
The rest is maintenance shop + awakening (200-300 atk) on all 4 weapons + aether gems level 100 or over. Also authority gives 2000 attack.
If you do all correctly you should have 70k at +21 without authority.
Just the 4 aether gems at level 100 would give you 800 main stat, that’s like 3000 attack.

They just increased the ways you can obtain earrings instead, now you get more per week if you do harder than hard difficulties

Who uses varna when the game gave you vasilisa like a freebie ■■■■
I could even throw off the same kind of armor you wear because the game gave it to me for free and treat it like dirt
I thought you are up to date with latest thing turn out you just blinded by numbers the game provides
This game new stuffs no matter how gimmicky and recycled it is it will be something as fresh for the likes of you
You just gobble every recycled ■■■■ like trash can arent ya haha
You treat game that provides level of gameplay experience like tos such a refined gem
Poor ya that tos probably the only game you can play
Gl with the party, the other time I see that party system, nobody ever use it lmao
Such irony that the feature is just freshly implemented but you end up need to cry for party member here
Its just prove the game is dead or you are guildless freak

when the world use gun, u still kungfu
when world use tank, u take the free gun
when world use plane, u still use gun

u stop forward, it is your choice, i respect your choice

and remember no meaning for u to blame,not to me, not to other not to the game because not matter how u blame the time forward, game forward and item also forward
in the end it doesn’t even matter
is a game, u dead u re spawn,
i dont see we lose anything except time, the time we spend for one one thing for fun
In real world we afraid to try since it cost, in game why not ???

look at the main titles, i asking for hardcore player to join my raid to find out the gimmick,
some think i very good in this game come here to show off and i not,(in game some one is 20 time stronger than me)
1 minit clear medusa and that is not me
7 minit clear delmore raid while i searching hardcore to study the basic gimmick

while the top guy using plane i just getting a tank
perhaps u should try have a tank beside walking in land with the free gun ?

non offensive from me, hope u enjoy the game :stuck_out_tongue:

when i by pass this top ten people i will show off, trust me :rofl:

top 10 gear score

when u beat those top10 players that mean those player already quit the game for years

is true, they are heavy TP spender, they economic is great far whale
300b in storage, each day in JS at lest 20m income 2 time is 40m
in F2 almost with 10m pure silver, maybe more loot sold all = 30-40m each hour
Raid with better rng, more 300m income, new raid more income
Guild war sivler income(mostly Yn) each week likely 100m? <-not sure

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top 5 ?

Imagination : I’m getting to top cause I’m good
Truth : everyone else left

This forum population probably not even 20% the playerbase, resort to search party member here because the game is dead is like digging deeper into the sh1thole.

no one gambling now :stuck_out_tongue:

pls all big bro, i am finding hardcore now, if really want blame i can open another topic chat for u guys blame hard hard :kissing:
now let me get some one done my free voucher :kissing_heart:

Forum bigger than in-game cause of players who keep doomposting about tos after quitting :haha:

So yeah, let’s invite these quitters and doomposters to this endgame raid right?

I doubt players who play even visit forums
they were just too afraid to face or talk about game bitter truths or people rather call it doomsaying.

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