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Final Hours : The Testing Ain't Over Yet!

That’s some embarrasing miss on my side :sweat_smile: I was absolutely sure that every element has penalty against the same one so didn’t even check element table.

Yea, I saw your list but you don’t have a full list of “hidden” skill amplifiers, you only listed the one already visible in-game which is Meteor, Claymore, Stone Shot, etc. What I’m trying to say is like for example, Oblique Shot is 120% while Twin Shot is 75%*2. The game doesn’t tell but surely there are hidden amplifiers.

Im making a damage calculator but I need the animation and cast times of every skill to show dps >.<

Uh, did you even read the thread ar all? Cartar Stroke sure isnt mentioned ingame. Ice Bolt sure isn’t mentioned ingame. Yes, I’ve listed those you mentioned as well, but that’s 5 skills out of the…uh…30ish I listed?
I feel like you really skipped the entire thread…

Oblique definitely isn’t 120%. The basic non-bounce hit has no modifier guaranteed. Firing it at an enemy and dumping it into the formula gives you the exact damage dealt ingame with no * 120% in there anywhere.
Likewise, Twin Shot definitely isn’t 75%. It has no modifier asides from doing +50% damage to cloth-type enemies.
You must be forgetting Enhance or the missile penalty, because those 2 skills definitely do not have the modifiers you say they do.

We must be talking about different things then. The amplifier I’m talking about is where a certain % of your PATK or MATK is added to the skill’s damage like how Dragon Nest skills works. Also, I did check that whole thread of yours.

Anyways, nevermind. It’s fine. Me and a guildmate is already looking for the hidden amplifiers ourselves. I just asked because there might be a chance you have, but it seems not so yea. I’ll take my leave now.

There is none for most skills.

Your physical attack or matk as it shows in your status window is exactly what is used for the skill damage calculation, unless the skill specifically has an Attack Modifier (such as Shield Charge, which uses 50% of your attack power for its calculation), which, I, as it so happens ALSO list in my thread.

Dump ANYTHING in the formula from my thread and I guarantee you it works for all the skills that are already listed in said thread, and most others too since a lot of skills simply dont have modifiers.

Again, even with your definition of amplifier, Oblique Shot simply uses your Patk. It’s not boosted by 20%. Twin Shot likewise does not use 75% of your Patk.

Uhhh no. I also know how damage calculation works tyvm. I made my tests under strict conditions which would guarantee me the best and most accurate results. IMC is definitely using the current trend on other MMOs which is %+fixed damage for skills. Anyways, if you think like that, go ahead but you’re missing out on critical information. Byebye.

Then show me your math. Honestly, I’m interested. All the testing I’ve done in extremely controlled circumstances for accurate results give me the values that I calculate. If you get different values, then tell me. I’m all for expanding my thread with this ‘critical lack of information’

No need to be so aggressive…

I didn’t keep any records because at first I thought it will be just quick tests so I didn’t bother using a spreadsheet.

Anyways, what I did was use very low level bows, get high level gems (blue? forgot) that decreases my maximum attack to lessen the damage variance. I also relied on Vendetta for damage increase instead of higher level bows since high level bows has waaay bigger damage variance making tests more annoying.

So just an example, let’s say I increase 300 PATK everytime I use Vendetta. I test my damage unbuffed and buffed using a single skill. I subtract the buffed to unbuffed and divide to 300 PATK to get the amplifier value. Luckily, the damage - defense thing made the tests easier. It shouldnt be a problem testing on any size of monsters because it’s all % but in the end, I still tested with a large and medium monster as well and saw nothing different, the amplifier was still accurate, after all, it’s all multiplication.

You can retest this on kOBT and I can assure you that there IS this amplifier thing on skills. Alot of skill do not have as well which would make their scalability on end game extremely bad like Retreat Shot, Wugong Gu, Zhendu etc. My guildmate has an incomplete list for swordsman classes as well.

Now this is what I want to see. Honestly, from the looks of things it sounds like Vendetta is doing something, not your skills. You can do Twin Shot and Oblique without a bow as oddly as that sounds, and I did that to prevent any damage disrepancies due to min-max attack. Every time, it simply used 100% of my attack, nothing more, nothing less, as the damage was consistent. Any damage modification that did happen was due to things like the Missile Penalty on medium/large or hitting Cloth enemies with Twin Shot as I mentioned.

I then tested again with an actual bow and simply calculated the lowest possible value and the highest possible value, and went to hit a good 50~60 mobs to get a reasonable useable range of values, and they matched the calculated range perfectly.

Whatever happened to your attack values has nothing to do with Oblique or Twin Shot, I can guarantee you that much.

Oh, before I started using Vendetta. I also tested using 2 crossbows, a high level one and a low level one. Good thing crossbows by default have low damage variance. With alot of damage samples (due to damage variance) I still got the same result. I just learned about Vendetta at a later time which made my tests alot more easier.

Another scenario is the annoying forced 2h bows on Fletchers. Had to test this with a Lv15 bow and a Lv40 bow to keep the variances at a minimum. I had close to 75% (73% or was it 74%) result per tick when using Magic Arrow. After I learned about Vendetta I did a retest and it accurately added 75% FLAT like literally it showed .75 in the calculator. It simply proved that there’s nothing wrong with Vendetta and all results were accurate.

P.S. Also, as a Scout main, I retested Flare idk how many freaking times but it all ended up with 100% amplifier. So yea, nothing wrong with Vendetta.

Then Magic Arrow has a 75% Attack Modifier.

Were the Oblique and Twin Shot you mentioned earlier simply examples that weren’t neccessarily true? Because if they were actual tests, it would be incredibly weird due to my own tests NOT having said modifier. Twin Shot and Oblique both being 100% for myself and 75%/120% for you, I mean.

Not examples, those were results of my tests. It is indeed wierd but NOT if being naked actually messes the calculations abit like how not having an xbow messes up Backstab’s calculations abit.

Except I did them all with a bow and equips too afterwards.
So there’s more going on here.

Anyways, Oblique was special since it will be my most reliable skill while suffering below Scout C3 classes, I did so many retest on it like using Bow, Xbow, not having a dagger(generic) while using Xbow etc. All tests gave me 120%. Oh and, with Vendetta, the result on calculator was almost perfect accuracy, it showed 1.200002 something.

You did take into account Enhance if you had, say, level 20 Enhance, right?

I mean, right before beta ended I was still running tests on my Archer. Oblique’s actual main shot was never 120%. I didnt have it Enhance’d, I didnt have the 2H bow attribute at all (I wasnt fighting flying mobs anyway) and it always used 100% of my attack. Even when I later Enhance’d it and got the 2H Bow attribute and went to test on flying mobs, the results still used 100% of my attack, not 120%.

For example, if my attack was 150~300, my Oblique was level 5, and I hit a Medium mob with 112 Defense (and the bow isn’t upgraded, so missile penalty is -25%)

My damage would be calculated as ((150 + 201) - 112) * 0.75 = 179 to ((300 + 201) - 112) * 0.75 = 291
And my damage ingame would show exactly that during my tests, ranging from 179 to 291. (the attack/defense used here are just examples, but the math held up perfectly)

It wasn’t enhanced. It was all Dunkel Bow/Xbow. I never tested on flying mobs as well.

But now that you mentioned attribute. I forgot to consider I leveled my Oblique Shot damage attribute. Although it shouldn’t really mess up the calculation right? Since it’s simply the same case with how the amplifier is still the same when testing on different sizes simply because it’s all multiplication on that part UNLESS damage attribute works differently.

P.S. Pretty sure my Oblique had Lv60 attribute damage so 60%.

If your enhance is Level 20, it would boost the damage by 20%, which would give you your x1.2 value. 100 Damage would become 120 Damage. 500 Damage would become 600 Damage.

To be honest, it’s happened a lot to me and a bunch of my friends where our calculations were wrong until realizing we had forgotten to include Enhance, after which everything worked fine.

But it’s Lv60 Attribute, not Lv20. Well, kOBT is nearing and I could just retest it. Same case for Scout Skills since I leveled the damage attributes for those as well. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure others are 0% attribute damage.

Level 60? You must’ve forgotten the missile penalty then, which reduces damage by 25% on Medium and 50% on Large enemies (with an unupgraded bow)

0.75 * 1.6 = 1.2