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Final Fantasy Build

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my Wizard Build before any major changes come again XD.
I called it Final Fantasy coz of the Fire, Ice, Lightning XD

So basically the build is Pyro>Cryo>Tao. And I just love the synergy of the three. You can check it out in action here:

Skills can be found here:

So why did I pick this build? Mostly because I love elemental magic. Also because of the Skill combos I could do with it. Here are the combos that I usually use:

Tri disaster charm + Any damage spell (for obvious reasons, all fire, ice and lightning spells are boosted by this).
Raise+ Ice Pike+ Flame Ground+ Prominence ( I use this when dealing with mixed ground and flying mobs. the combo makes the ground targeted spells hit air)
Lightning Charm+ Storm Calling+ Frost Pillar + Eradication (Deadly freeze+ lightning bonus AoE damage)
Creeping Death Charm+ Snow Rolling (his one is hilarious but super effective when dealing with elite mobs. Basically you Roll over mobs and keep rolling over your death charms)
Fireball+ Snow Rolling (For when you want to run over your enemies with an exploding, flaming snowball)
Ice Wall+Teleport+ Hell Breath (This only works coz I have a Mineloader card which triggers lightning shock on Ice pillars which then makes them shoot ice shards).
Fire Pillar+ Lethargy ( I only use this whenever I need to reset my Lethargy buff. Fire Pillar alone already deals a lot of damage)

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