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Field Boss Helping

i’m back now after stopped and don’t remember anything… field boss still exist? location is still same? If they exist, anyone know about respawn time… thank u

Field boss is no more. They made a replacement for field boss with Joint Strike raid.
In case you mean the one like Cerberus etc, they are now only available from Black Album summon as far as I know.

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I mean hungry velnia monkey… I need card, u know where i find now?

You can get velnia monkey cards from (red?) card albums when it randomly spawns a velnia monkey.
Look for card album parties, or ask your guild if you’re in one about it.
Or just check the market, they should be relatively cheap.

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Yea, is the red… poison dmg…
album is the only way?

Yep album is the only … though market should be pretty cheap now since … most of them moved to master class cards …

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Cards from albums are easy to obtain. Album parties give cards to every member from each opened album. Just get a number (5 or 10) of albums from hunting grounds and join or create a album party - thats 25 or 50 cards respectively.

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Oh yeah, you can trade level 10 card enhancement in Merc Badge Shop …


thank everyone… now is more clear for me