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Few Suggestions (Quality Of Life Changes)

Hello Tree of Savior Staff / Community,

I’ve been playing the game for about a week now and I’ve noticed there’s several things I would like to see added and changed, mostly as quality of life improvements. I feel if these changes were made, more people would play the game and spend money on it, which would be good for everybody.

  1. Buff icons on party members - It would be nice to be able to see what buffs each of your teammates has underneath their bar instead of having to click on them. This would make it much easier to cycle and refresh buffs, (especially Blessing) without having to guess when they’re about to go away.

  2. Queuing for dungeons from any map - Once you have been to a dungeon marker, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have to stand there and wait for a party. I know this is a thing from older games, but with the amount of teleportation in this game, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to force you to stand in a zone you don’t want to be in to wait to get a party for a dungeon you do want to be in. This way you could actually grind or do quests while you’re waiting and more people could be available to do the content rather than trying to catch each other by happenstance.

  3. More / unlimited dungeon runs prior to the highest level dungeon - Changing this to be similar to other games would be a positive thing; Sure, as a company that wants to make money you have to limit how quickly people make it through the end-game content to hold their interest in the game. But content prior to end-game eventually becomes irrelevant and not seeing it very much before leveling past it doesn’t make the best use of it being there. People should be able to get in queue as much as they want, see the content and get the loot before their level is too high for it to matter anymore. You might lower the amount of EXP the dungeons give slightly (25-30%) to account for people being allowed to spend more time in them. You might also up the chances of the cubes in these dungeons of giving gear instead of Talt so that running the dungeons actually rewards people with cool things they want. These will ultimately be short-lived upgrades anyway.

  4. Token move speed buff made base speed - This is a minor annoyance, but if you’ve made the base movement speed in your game so slow that you feel you can monetize making your character move slightly faster, it might mean that you made the movement speed in your game too slow. Instead, maybe give people another market slot or more EXP bonus to replace this benefit on tokens. This is a quality of life change that probably subconsciously turns a lot of new players off of the game without them even really realizing or understanding it. Movement in any game is fundamental and needs to feel good and well-paced in order to hold the attention of the player. There are already a limited number of movement based abilities in Tree of Savior in comparison with other modern games. To also have the characters move at such a slow pace may be dragging down the overall experience. More to that point, there may need to be something like a small roll or dodge maneuver every character can do, if only for the purpose of improving how good it feels to move around in the game. There’s definitely more here that could be done to improve upon this.

  5. Add a wardrobe system - In other games there is a wardrobe system where costume items can be unlocked in a specific window, freeing them from storage space and inventory. Considering that these items are largely purchased or unlocked through lots of time investment, it would be appropriate to make this a system in Tree of Savior as well. This might also be used to allow for chroma options and non-class specific costumes to be utilized across character slots, as in other games. This is a very useful tool and much appreciated by players who want to look fancy while playing MMO’s.

Thanks and keep up the good work!


I agree with everything except for point 5. I would greatly appreciate if every single piece of armor had its aesthetic.

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We will take this as a feedback/suggestion from you and see what changes can be done in the future.

Thank you,

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#1 is actually a great addon idea (not sure if there’s an existing one already for kToS/jToS)

#2 has actually been my pet peeve since way back, not sure if it’s relevant now as they have to change the way dungeons work now, since before it’s always the 300 (previous 315) dungeon farmed for silver. My suggestion for that is that make recipe material rewards available on lower level dungeons as components for higher level gear, or silver reward relative to the character’s level