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Few questions about this build

i have few question about the druid-inquisitor-zealot build:
1- i saw who cleric and druid have the passive “physical druid/cleric” is good for that build?
2-if i use that passive my skills scales with STR or keep use INT?
3- i made this build looking around some videos and posts it’s good? any tips?(for this build i want focus on Human Lycanthropy)

1+2 : Since this is clearly a physically focused build and not a hybrid phys/magic one, you should have the physical stat attributes for both Cleric and Druid enabled, as it will increase your basic STR and DEX by a good amount. Thorn and Seed Bomb will still do magic damage, but Thorn will still do decent damage even if you aren’t very magically invested. Seed Bomb is not a particularly strong skill, but it can sort of do damage if you use it while Pears or peers are nearby.

3 : Druid is amazing. Inquisitor is also amazing. Arguably, you can’t go wrong with any third choice (unless it’s auto attack focused Monk or any flavor of Sadhu). Zealot helps push the damage of the build even further while also contributing some decent damage itself through Fanatic Illusion and Emphatic Trust.

Personally, I’d not invest in Iron Maiden and Malleus Maleficarum. Both of these skills mainly shine in PvP, and that doesn’t seem to be what this build is about. Invulnerable is also not particularly good. 1 point in it can be used to make sure you have some form of super armor before your Gazing Golem cards activate, but any more than that is a bit of a waste. I’m not sure if maxing Beady Eyed over Fanatic Illusion is worth it, but I’d max Illusion. You already get so much crit rate from having Lycanthropy active. Everything else seems about right.

ty so much for your tips, i changed some skill points like your advice, only a quick question: is better 1H or 2H Blunt? actually im using a 2H Blunt

A 1h mace paired with a shield and full cloth armor would turn you into an excellent healer with good all around defenses. However, this is very loudly a dps build, so you shouldn’t concern yourself with such things. The best way to go would be to continue using a 2h mace and have a full set of leather armor to boost your damage and raise your maximum crit chance from 50% to 60%. Naturally, you’ll take more damage this way, but there is an unlockable “Art” attribute for Chortasmata that converts its skill factor into heal factor. Even with no SPR or Healing investment, Chortasmata becomes an incredible heal over time, healing everyone around for about as much as your basic Heal would every second. Since you wouldn’t deal a lot of damage with Chortasmata on this build anyway, it’s a pretty good deal.

But he’s probably having no healing for quite a bit of time (fanaticism), so I see a problem with that.
If you look at the skill simulator on tos.neet, for level 450 you get a difference in strength of about 172 points if you don’t convert your intelligence and spirit. That’s about 700 attack. At the same time, you have about 490 additional healing, which is further amplified by guardian saint to at least 612 (without attribute; with attribute it’s up to 784 healing). This can amount to 3400 till 11500 more HP recovered from a single heal.

I think the ability to recover quicker without the excessive use of potions shouldn’t be neglected, as inquisitor is a really static class in actual battle( skill animations and delay lock him into a place for some time) and the additional attack should only be considered if the player has enough experience and good equipment, or for easier content like field farming/leveling

This solely depends on how many points he is going to invest into the skill and the magic attack he has. After the recent changes towards all weapon types, maces now feature excellent values for magic attack, as high as rod and staff. There is no doubt that chortasmata has the ability to deal a high amount of damage over time with investment into the skill,its attribute and the weapon.
The same criteria apply to the recovery value,too, by the way, so unless you invest into the skill and attribute, you won’t have a decent recovery from the conversion art either.

Don’t forget that the damage of magic skills like chortasmata is boosted more by lycanthropy:demi-wolf compared to physical damage skills (30% instead of 20%).