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Few questions about BM - Linker - Thaum


I make this

  1. lvl15 Bloody Overdrive and lvl1 R.I.P or lvl15 R.I.P and lvl1 Bloody Overdrive or something different?
  2. How to build attribute points?


Swap mozambique points for max RIP (the strongest skill for bm right now) and the last points in BO.

clear event, saalus, uphill, legend raid, amissrus dog

btw, are u making a linkthaum farmer? because linkthaum farmer is not as efficient as CM slave farmer

I mean where to invest Points STR or DEX or ?
and I don’t think about efficiency, just explore game

than you should try yours first in case you will love the gameplay instead of going for what other ppl think efficient but you dislike it
but if you ask me i would love to max them both especially RIP and leave no point to outrage cause i dont like it.mozambique is nice too for its ignore def and 5 OH but i put last skill point to this.well between tase and frostb maybe i ll take 1 frostb instead because of the arts and leave no point to tase. and just 1 point to dgs and silverb.the rest is fine

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all STR. I used to think that shrink body is good, but in reality it is not that useful. At endgame maps any mobs that you want to shrink either get killed by your friend first before your JP+HK combo finished or R.I.P/B.O.D can erase it faster.
Agree with above poster, nowadays AA is far weaker than strong SFR Skills, so I prefer DGS lv1 and outrage lv 0

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Then about efficiency:
Does it make sense to take thaum to get increased drops during leveling/dungeons/explore world, rather than farming something specific?
And is there any sense in Tracer Bullet lvl1?

dungeon no,but if you mean hg grind yes
if leveling is cm spams yes for swell brain
and if explore world means item hunt,it could be yes.but another efficient way to hunt item is making a character with cm-able level to cm in that area
tracer bullet is nice for its crit attribute so yes

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the important question is, how do you kill 10 swelled mobs fast enough before swell buff expire? JP+HK+swell+unbind+burst?
link+thaum used to be low budget farmer, but not anymore. I find the only usable swell is swelling gold/silver/blue mob, other than that big killingPerMinute will yield better result

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What about Monster Cards, is there any better build or use what seems useful to me?

green card: 3 netherbovine
if your goal is only to explore the world, linkthaumBM is strong enough to defeat chapter 11 final boss solo.
Remember! Dont be greedy once you finished the story. Because once you envy other player are stronger than you, you will be a zombie silver farmer who aim to be stronger and stronger, no time/energy to explore the new world anymore.

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