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Few Bugs in my gameplay

sorry if it isn’t his topic

Date and Time : 17:00 07/03/2020

Server Name: Lenja

Team Name: Heanitlarn

Character Name: Merlin (the entire lodge)

Bug Description : can use a lot of actions, like repair, enchant and use the burning weekend

in the video u can see that i’m trying to enchant few accesories with no results, after that i’m trying to make repairs with the blacksmiths (the same issue happens in all blacksmiths ingame but no with Squire characters) with no results, after that i show how my burning weekend NPC is not showing, this problem is only in my computer, when i go into other computer and try the same thing with the same mods it let’s me do what i wan’t, already try to re-install the game, fix the corrupted data and even play it without add-ons, it doesn’t work.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. just
  2. login
  3. no
  4. more

Screenshots / Video :

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : Keyboard


  • CPU : AMD Ryzen3
  • RAM : 8gb
  • Graphics Card : AMD Radeon Video Graphics
  • Mainboard : AMD (?)
  • Storage : 1Tb
  • OS : W10
  • Internet Connection : 50mb
  • Country, Region : Colombia

Developers cannot read this video. Nobody can provide help either without better descriptions of the problems.


What is this blue bar covering your character’s feet? Are you using addons? Try removing them, they might be causing these problems.

Besides that, as I speak Portuguese I can understand what you type in the video, but I doubt developers can nor they will stop to watch it entirely. You should provide a better description, like when the problem started, and also what you tried already, like checking the game files using steam menu option.

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my bad, just remember that there’s no coverment in my language… just fix the post.

If you have addons, uninstalling the game or verifying the game cache won’t remove them.

If you don’t know which addons you have to remove manually, you need to uninstall the game, then manually delete the entire Tree of Savior folder in Steam, then reinstall the game. This will remove the addons from the game.

already did, didn’t work uwu :frowning: