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Fencer as dps class?

is fencer dead? i havent seen anyone playing it , which is a shame being such a stylish class. or at least thats how i remember it 2 years ago. any insight on this class?

for now its a bit underwhelming compared to other dps classes, but in latest ktos update fencer now has increase SFR buff

and where did you inspect?
both fencer and mata is hard and not strong early game.

had lots of high geared friends who played fencer and mata, including me (matador) changed classes, it just fall short as a dps class especially in pvp. in terms of PvE it is serviceable though.

is fencer dead?

No, it’s not dead. It’s just that the amount of capital for investment surpasses other classes/builds for the same amount of performance for PVE.

That fencer video, caveat is that he’s being buffed by other characters for a best personal run with a +16 rapier if i remember correctly. And the RNG mechanics in that run aligned very well for him. But let’s not bring up 20s misrus runs, let alone misrus isn’t a good indicator of DPS but rather of the player’s mechanics if we assume two different builds have the exact same gear.

I have a s1>pelt1>barb3>fencer2 and it is my favorite swordie build. Pelt 1 gives not only taunt, but 18% evasion increase which is huge for fencer. Barb3 gives you aoe slash attacks when combined with lunge buff (slash damage increase) makes huuuge numbers. I personally dont use frenzy much because i rarely auto attack so it might be viable to take barb2 corsair 1 fencer 2 as an alternative. Jolly roger is great for farming with falconade and could probably make this a pvp acceptable build with hook.

…what year is it? how do you still have that build after rebuild?

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This guy doesn’t even play the game. Disregard everything in his post.

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