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Feeling overwhelmed with Rebuild+, Please help


I took a break at the end of november and now rebuild is here, all hell went loose and my gear doesnt fit my old build anymore.

What the hell do I do with my old Zealot(krivs3monk3zealot3) and my healer (kaba/druid/priest).

Just finished reading most topics here, specially the intermediate guide to clerics, but still, I feel insecure on spending points. Please help, as all characters are for raids and group content (PVE), dont bother bringing pvp to the table.

For my DPS cleric (the former zealot), from what I can tell monks are really underperforming atm, so I’d go:

Zealot/Oracle and… and what? Inquisitor? I dont know if Inquisitor without paladin is a good idea. Druid makes me feel insecure as it is mdmg. Priest is a good choice as I could heal, but still, not sure if zealot alone can keep up the dmg.
Maybe Chaplain? What gear choice should I get now? Go back to STR instead of dex?
I’m really unsecure on what should I try for it.

As for my healer, it seems clear to me that:
Oracle/Priest+anything is the way to go. Probably Kabba or maybe Plague Doctor.

Can I get some guidance here?
Thank you.


Inquisitor gets more out of oracle/zealot then from paladin.
Oracle alone can boost your dps easy by 100%.

I cant tell you much about the healer build.
I like Pd/Druid/Oracle.

Wouldnt go kabba tho


I was a happy kabba back in the day.
Can you tell me more about twist of fate? In what situation do you use it?

This skill seems to be very dangerous to use in a boss.


Heya @malinhares, welcome back.

Kabbas are okayish but tbh there’s better stuff to pick.

For a DPS build with Zealot, I’d recommend Pala + Inqui + Zealot or Oracle + Inqui + Zealot:

Pala + Inqui + Zealot:

This build can get decent healing in overall PvM content. The reason for that is because of Restoration, which can heal around 6k per tick given you have enough SPR from gears and is using Guardian Saint. It can hold together as a main healer in CM stage 5 as long as your party members aren’t super squishy.

Hidden interactions from Conviction + God Smash and Conviction + Smite still exist. For God Smash, it increases damage by 50% and for Smite it makes it deal 3 hits. Don’t neglect Smite from Cleric, it can deal serious damage with Conviction against a demon mob. Paladin also provides +5 AoE atk ratio from 2h-blunt attribute, which is super useful.

Conviction now increases damage from Fanatic Illusion and Immolation by 30% as well. This is quite helpful specially since Conviction has 5 overheats now.

Zealot + Inqui is a very strong dps combination due to all the % def ignoring skills and attributes. Of course, Fanatism’s 80% extra damage is pretty absurd as well.

At high CM levels, like 6 or 7, you won’t be able to be a main healer anymore. Restoration alone just won’t cut it, and Cleric’s Heal is single target so it’s pretty meh. You’ll need a circle in Priest to be able to act as a truly good healer, however, losing Conviction, Demolition and 5 AoE atk ratio also means losing a lot of dps.

Don’t use Barrier: Devotion attribute, it’s suicide now, regardless of your build (unless fighting really weak mobs).

Oracle + Inqui + Zealot:

Weirdly enough, Oracle acts as a “dps boosting” class mostly due to Death Sentence. Death Sentence has a % enhancing attribute which makes it really powerful. The most absurd thing is it’s cooldown resetting attribute, though.

The damage boost is great, and depending what you’re killing, it acts as an even better dps than Paladin. However, the real issue with this build is the lack of AoE healing. You won’t be able to cut through CM 5 without at least another cleric.

Arcane Energy also makes an interesting combo with Blind Faith. If you pick Oracle, make sure you max both so you get sweet extra damage while recovering your SP quite easily.

Even if your weapon is terrible, this build is still a great support because of Immolations 50% DEF reduction and Death Sentence’s 50%+ damage enhancing.

As for Twist of Fate, it’s interesting and helps a little, but honestly I’m not very fond of it. If the boss has tons of hp, like 7kk+, you surely can screw up the party if you miss time it (and party doesn’t have enough DPS). As an Oracle you’ll have plenty of leftover points, however, so it doesn’t hurt taking it.

I think this video shows really well just how brutal the Inqui + Zealot combination is:

Support Build:

As a support, you literally have no choice but to go Priest. Mass Heal is just way, waaaaaaaay too strong. You also get Revive, Aspersio (boosts def by % now) and Blessing, which are also quite helpful.
Priest is the absolute core to full support.

The other two classes are up to you. Oracle boosts your party damage by a lot and is a helpful offensive support. Diev Statues can last 5 minutes outside their range now, so it’s basically a full time buff, which makes Zemyna and Laima super good for everyone. PD has Haste and Healing Factor, but it’s more of a hybrid dps-support than a full support. Krivis is kinda weak but provides +50% damage on bosses which is super strong as well (Divine Stigma). Druid is also a dps-support hybrid like PD due to Chortasmata’s healing. Kabba’s Tree of Sephiroth is temporary immortality, but Kabbas are quite inferior to Oracle as it is now.


do you mind sharing your skill build with pala + inqui + zealot ? would love to try it out :slight_smile:


Sure, this was my build:

Some considerations:

  • You need to focus heavily on SPR if you want to have any healing. These classes together provide little to none base SPR so you need to boost your heal through equipment. Restoration can hold up a team up to CM stage 5 if you have high attribute / SPR but it won’t be able to hold up on later stages.
  • Demolition sucks by itself, but if you use Immolation before it, it actually deals pretty good dmg because of 50% pdef ignoring, big AoE and really high AoE atk ratio. Don’t pick Demolition if you don’t have Immolation in your build tho.
  • Malleus doesn’t work on bosses and Pear of Anguish deals dmg to single target, so Judgement is maxed instead. Judgement is mostly used against bosses, it’ll increase God Smash dmg by 50% and Smite by around 80%, it should also increases Ripper by a certain amount which I’m not sure how much (haven’t tested).
  • Beady Eye is skipped because it takes too much sp for a 5 sec duration buff only. Some people enjoy maxing it but I think Immolation is so much stronger, considering it ignores 50% of enemy pdef.
  • Very high dps build. Can beat wizzies/scouts depending on your gears compared to them. The secret to this build are the def ignoring skills: God Smash, Ripper and Immolation. Those are pretty strong skills with great AoE as well, something which is rare even to swordman tree with their def ignoring skills.
  • With most armors giving 40~50 SPR, a 70 SPR weapon and 3x Varle King and 3x Linkroller cards, my lvl 100 attribute Restoration heals about 7k per tick. That’s roughly 2.3k hp per second, which is pretty decent for healing. However, Restoration has a big issue where right after you recast it, it won’t trigger the first tick for ~6 seconds. That, added to the fact you usually tend to not recast at the exact moment it’s cooldown refreshes, means you have about 10 seconds where your whole party won’t be healed. That’s a big issue when you rely on heals over time rather than burst heals like Mass Heal. After playing this build for a while, I noticed people are very prone to die when I’m recasting my Restoration. If you’re not the main healer, that’s not an issue. But if the whole party is relying on you (or your healer sucks), then it can be annoying.


About the 52 attributes points that you can distribute, should your build assign them to SPR then as well?


Yeah, I did assign them to SPR, even being almost a full dps build. Having good SPR helps with Restoration / Cleric Heal skill and gives you some support capability even if the base classes barely have any SPR.

Get either SPR or CON, as STR provides too little physical damage to be worth it.


Inqui may still want to consider STR in free stats and gear. Every 50 str add 1 Ripper target.


Thanks Shadow, your opinion is always helpful! The last thing i’m curious abou is: what order should i pick them while levelling the character?


I would recommend Zea > Inqui > Paladin. Paladin last because it provides the least dps and has the most skill points leftover. Zealot first cause it has the best AoE damage.


i havnt played in a long time do u still have to do the class hidden quests like before becomming a zealot still ? if so ehh i hate questing xD


Not anymore for the r8 classes


I’ve tried both and had some stuff that i would like some discussion about, mostly some points that i would like to show:

Zealot > Inqui > Pala:

  • Constantly have uptime on skills to use, so you don’t have many awkward moments of running around while waiting for skills CDs
  • Have an easier time keeping health up in general
  • Have an on demand party defensive option
  • Lower overall damage
  • Spend a lot more mana to keep the rotation ongoing
  • On demand defensive option is weaker

Zealot > Inqui > Oracle

  • Overall higher damage
  • More mana efficient
  • Stronger on demand self defensive option
  • Powerful party offensive debuff
  • Lacks defensive option for the party
  • Have some awkward waiting mode while CDs aren’t up
  • Harder to keep health up overall
  • Awkward to have another Oracle on the party

Would like to see some opinions about how accurate that was and maybe new points that i forgot? Btw, i made a Rodelero > Barb > Murmillo before coming back to Cleric because of your pointers. Really enjoyed and still am, thank you :slight_smile: