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Feedback territory wars18/4

  • Team Name: Araa

  • Character Name: Arahan

  • Class Build: wiz/thaum/rc/sage

  • CPU: intel i7 2.8ghz

  • RAM: 16gb

  • Graphics Card: gtx 1060

  • OS: win10 64b

  • Internet Connection Speed: 100 mbps

  • Country/State: Chile/Valparaiso

  • Comments

Optimization is still lacking:
-Fps went down to single digits on cramped spawns.
-There was constant lag with inputs taking up to 8 seconds to go through.
-Missed even point and click skills because, by the time they went through, the target was already out of reach.

Design problems:
-Even with a safety area on warps there is spawn camping. You just get hit when leaving the circle instead of killed when entering the map.
-The map has 5 entrances but not all of them are convenient for reaching the castle or even for fighting along the way.
-The format lacks more unique mechanics. Right now it’s just a bunch of parties pvping. More sub-objectives like barricades, summoning friendly bosses, earning buffs or capturing respawn points within the same map would be nice.
-Being sent to fedimian on death sucks. Just let us respawn on base camp for an easy regroup.
-There was text written in hangul. Translate that.
-There was supposed to be a point system but I didn’t see any indication of it.


Follow-up feedback:

-GvG feels much better with 3 maps going on at the same time. It’s less cramped and it feels like there is more room for choices on where to go and who to fight. The layouts are still pretty bad though. There are some nice choke points and open areas but overall the whole thing would work a lot better with maps specifically made for it. District 9 is specially convoluted but the other maps still have some awkward pathing.
-The detours for bosses are usually not worth it. By the time you kill it, someone else is pretty much done capturing the map, you get kicked and lose the buff.
-Again, getting kicked back to Fedimian is annoying but losing your buffs and still having them on cooldown is the worst part. Just resetting cooldowns on death/kicking and letting people pick their respawn point would go a long way.
-Random tree root crystal still spawn on the map and are annoying when they get in the way. They could be repurposed for something else on gvg or just removed.