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Feedback regarding customer service reply

The topic is the Yellow eyed flower for the shinobi hidden quest. The reply I got for asking if I could get an explanation about the flower spawn mechanics is this:

tosmanager2Replied: Aug 16th, 2017 at 6:03 pm
Greetings Savior!

Thank you for contacting support team.

We understand your sentiments regarding the matter. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any information or hint regarding your quest as we do not want to spoil your gaming experience.

We highly suggest you to please engage a discussion regarding this in the community in the forum to get some tips and ideas from other players on how to complete this quest.

Should you have any further concern, feel free to contact us again, and we will gladly help in any way we can.


Tree of Savior Support Team

While I appreciate the effort to keep the role playing genre alive, customer support in my opinion exists to help those who are having trouble. I’ve scoured the web for multiple tips regarding this flower and there are no legitimate truths, only rumors that happen to coincide with their success. The information is everywhere and it’s impossible to verify. I will nevertheless make a post about this and ask for help.

Also, what’s spoiling my gaming experience right now and for the past four days is my inability to find this flower and the ineffectiveness of customer support. I would be absolutely thrilled and happy to be given a tip, I think that would be the appropriate choice as customer service to a paying customer. I do purchase TP. I do support this game. And that’s why I’m here to give some feedback because I care and would prefer to continue playing instead of giving up and quitting.

Simple guide: buy the unlock voucher

Am sure support got worst things to deal with than you asking for something that 3 seconds of using search on forum can answer :roll_eyes:

instead of wasting a thread and time on this you could have made a thread about the quest :unamused:

I swear if the new rules weren’t in effect, I would have slapped you already :expressionless:


Ah, thank you for sharing this. I will remember that.

And no worries about me wasting time, I have plenty of it while waiting for this flower to spawn.


I should have searched within the forums instead of on Google search. The update that that Dr guy mentioned contained information about four spawn locations. Such tricky language is hard to comprehend when you believe in outdated information.

I found this thread in the swordsman category which should be the correct answer that customer service should have plainly stated to me. I have been looking in the wrong spot for the flower and I must have missed it every time. I hope whoever sees this understands now.

Thanks Dr guy, not for your condescending tone, but for your willingness to help a newbie and actually post your reply.

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