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Feedback: classes, quests and features in the journal

Here’s some feedback regarding the Adventure Journal inconsistency with the new recent changes of the game. I hope they plan to fix it because the Adventure Journal is a very nice, unique and underrated feature that this game have.

~~ :haha:

New R9 classes haven’t been added to the Adventure Journal tab: Matador, Shadowmancer, Bullet Marker and Zealot.

Advancement quests have been removed, now you just need to click to evolve into a new rank and class, except hidden classes and high ranks, but the quests are still showing on the database, these quests are dead from the game.

Now that you don’t have to do an advancement quest for rank 2, archers no longer get their 4 books from Lydia Schaffen in Archer C2, Ranger C1 or Quarrel Shooter C1.


  • Lydia Schaffen Crossroads
  • Lydia Schaffen and Rumpelstiltskin
  • Lydia Schaffen and the Fletcher
  • Lydia Schaffen’s Notch

It would be interesting to have a feedback to know if archers will receive their books back again or if they were removed for good. About the books previously adquired, perhaps just delete them from the game, either keep supporting this feature or completely discontinue. :heeey:

Disclaimer: I’m not aware of the features in kToS, I’m not sure about the things they changed or fixed over there.