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[Fedimian] TeaTime

Guild: TeaTime
We are guild level and 19 recruiting some new member. We are mostly casual with a bit of competitive streak. We don’t really force anything but if anyone interested we do GTW every week and usually get a city and go for Boruta for ranking. Also offer legend skia run every week and once you have enough gear, we would also take you to legend Moringponia and get you the powder required.

I think the format of the post doesn’t match what IMC is expecting. Could you please do another post so we get the mileage and vouchers?

Apparently format needs to be:

  • Guild Name
  • Server Name
  • Team Name of Guild Master
  • Number of Guild members and size of the guild (Small/Medium/Large)
  • The main interest of the Guild (ex; GTW, Boss Raid, Making Friends)

(please ignore if we already got the rewards, but I doubt it – IMC replied to posts where information was incomplete, but here everything is missing so it probably got skipped)