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[Fedimian] Possible bot

  • Server : Fedimian

  • Team Name : Avada

  • Location : Solitary Cells

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : April 4th, 17-18 EDT

  • Evidence

Not sure about this one, since it moves. But still, summon build + farming the botter spot in Solitary Cells and very rigid movements. Worth looking into at least.



If you’re not sure, try to say “Hi, are you botting?” and see if the person replies. Should give you a hint whether if it’s a bot or not. Another option is to look at the character’s equipment: bots exclusively use the 30 days weapons/accessories that come with the rookie/returning packages.

Note that you may find a lot of actual players that are not botting in the area. The reason is simple: it’s a great spot to farm Level 3 Gem Abrasives, therefore a great way to enhance your gems since Uphill has become insanely tedious and nobody do that anymore. And since the mobs aren’t that powerful, you can speed up the process of colleting the abrasives by using a summoning build. I often go there with my bokor/warlock semi-summoner, getting like 50+ of those abrasives in less than 30 minutes.