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Fedimian players, where are you from?

Because I’m kinda interested where the people are from on the seemingly European TOS server Fedimian, I made this rather vague anonymous poll.

  • Northern Europe (e.g. Sweden,Norway,Finland,Iceland,Denmark,Greenland)
  • Western Europe (e.g. Portugal,Spain,Great Britain,France,etc.)
  • Central Europe (e.g. Germany, Austria, Switzerland,Belgium,The Netherlands,etc.)
  • Southern Europe (e.g. Italia,Slowenia, the Vatican,San Marino,etc.)
  • Eastern Europe (e.g. Poland,Belarus,Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia,etc.)
  • The Baltic States (i.e. Estonia,Lithuania,Latvia; own category because of the TOS lore)
  • Southeastern Europe/Balkan Peninsula (e.g. Greece, Macedonia, Hungary,Bulgaria,Serbia,Croatia,etc.)
  • The Levante (e.g. Turkey,Israel/Palestine,Syria,Lebanon,etc.)
  • The Near East (e.g. Saudi Arabia,UAE,Oman,Kuwait,Quatar,Yemen,etc.)
  • Central and South Asia (e.g. Kasakhstan, Afghanistan, India, Iran,etc.)
  • Saharan Africa (e.g. Tunesia, Libya, Morocco,Egypt,Mali,etc.)
  • Subsaharan Africa (e.g. Mosambique, Ivory Coast, Kenia,Ethiopia,South Afrika,etc.)
  • North America
  • South America

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I am currently the 7%. I feel so special. :smile:

(Update) Now not so special.


funny update :smile:
To me, you are special :sunny:


32% from Western Europe… I’m Spanish… waiting for a good translate of the game or a official translate… for no figthing with me E.S.O (Secondary School) English.

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