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FEDIMIAN IS DEAD - Meme review

-Is really [EU] Fedimian dead? Does it have a healthy population?


Thanks! This meme only hurts our server.


Fedi is indeed dead if ch didnt get overpopulated at whale.

How many means “overpopulated” exactly? Channel is full at 100.
Max count of players I saw during whaling was 83.

Like how it was for weed event.

and it also created another channel on its own with more players in it.

Most of the whales I killed had +80 players in the channel. If you see the yellow dots it’s because I was there before the majority of people came (it doesn’t automatically update).

Please its all a lie.

(I don’t want to admit Orsha is the most dead server now)

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Tree of Savior itself is a meme. I cant believe people are realizing this by now. :joy:


A response worthy of the forums. :grinning:

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@Anikk I was actually trying avoid saying that but, :man_shrugging:
You are damn right.

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I think you are one of those doomsayers that never gets tired of the forums and probably isn’t even playing the game.
Do you even know how mmos work? Those numbers will be pumped up after the next big patch, it is always the same.

On a side note, do you know the definition of dead?


80 players is alive?

When you easy can get 80 people to get together to do an activity, that is normaly a sign that things are not quite as dead as some might claim.

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Its this about Orsha? cause if it is then i agree.

All these believers of Goddess Leticia kek.

Meanwhile, the Fedimian Town is dying.
RIP Mercenary “post”'s staffs. Forever homeless

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Fedimian town will be remembered.
Rest in popolions.

Fedimian city will die,

no more mercenary,
no more pvp statues,

in the future:
no more 230 dungeon,
no more exclusive class masters.