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[Fedimian] Insanity - Looking for popos!


We are Insanity, and we are a veteran international guild focused on having fun by tackling all aspects of the game, especially Guild Territory Wars.

We have Norwegian Viking girls, beautiful Polish bois, British tea-drinkers, scary German/Russian hybrids that are actually quite nice, enough French people to start a revolution, people from the part of Russia that might as well be China, non-hue Brazilians, actual lolis and a few tsunderes, a badass Scot and sweet-voiced Englishmen, old players, new players, returning players, and many more.

What I’m saying is that we have a little bit of everything. So there is no reason you should not fit in!

Literally anyone! Invite your dog, invite your grandma. Heck, invite your dog’s grandma for all we care. While we have a focus on recruiting those at lvl 360+, as we’re very active in Territory Wars, those newer to the game are welcome to grace the discord with their presence until they reach lvl 360 and join the guild in full.

This allows everyone to benefit from having more people to play with and gives easy access to a knowledge base for newcomers and returners alike.

Discord invite:

Discord is a must-have, as it’s used for all guild announcements and GTW. You don’t need to speak in voice chat, but you do need to be able to listen. Most of us are not native English speakers, even if English is the main language used in the guild, so no need to worry about getting some words wrong.

We are a guild large enough to participate in everything Tree of Savior has to offer. We have weekly guild events, GTW, raids, card album parties, boss hunting parties, and just about any other sort of party.

We have a wide range of players, from geared veterans who are no strangers to grinding and leveling alts late into the night, to upcoming players strengthening week-by-week!

A very active and organised Discord server, full of news, strategy guides, memes, dedicated Russian/French chat channels and more!

So no matter how you want to enjoy the game, we have you covered!

If you are in a guild where there are only a few active people left, why not talk to Zordagoth or myself about a merger? The game is so much more fun in an active guild where you have people to enjoy your time with.


Where do I apply? Looking for a guild to enjoy the game with.


When you are ingame click on the Guild Promotion icon or simply press Alt+R to open it.
Find the Insanity banner and click on it.
Go to Guild Info and click on the Apply to Join button.


Insanity are still looking for more popos to join us for all sort of fun stuff!

As mentioned in another thread, sometimes the Guild Recruitment UI bugs and applications randomly disappear. If you have applied in the past but not heard from any of us, join our discord and ping me there.