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[Fedimian] GvG temporarily discontinued? Let's declare war between guilds!

As the title says, we are not going to have GvG in a few days/weeks so, why don’t we find others ways to pvp? apart from TBL… we have the “declare war” option to other guilds. So, I appeal to all fedimian guild masters to uncheck de “neutral” status option so we could declare war among us and try other pvp scenarios :wink:


+1 i’m agree it would be awesome

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No other guild has the courage to do so? Come on!! Unckech “declare neutral” and let’s all have fun.

Anyone knows if disabled GvG includes declarations of war?

Its not so much about not wanting to do Open World GvG, then the fact that some guildmembers have fixed ET groups and those wont work if we are in war with the wrong uilds :wink:

Why are GvG disabled? Are they changing something?

Tried this before, open war just crashes way worse than GvG because of the higher 100 players limit

GvG popup/time was broken (not displaying for all guild masters) in Silute, Klaipeda and Orsha, not sure about other servers. Probably something related to rankings/points reset that affected everything else, somehow.

it was broken on silute, klaipeda and orsha. that is why imc decided to disable it for fedimian as well…
IMCed ™

If you want to know how long “temporary” is check another thing IMC did :sparkles: temporary :sparkles:


To be honest I find it fair. I know it’s bad for you but try to see the other way around, if Klai, Orsha and Silute had GvG+TP and Fedimian don’t people would start “this server have gvg, mine don’t have” and all such. Better this way.

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