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[Fedimian] GTW feedback from AmberRei (TeaTime)

  • Team Name: AmberRei

  • Character Name: Grete

  • Class Build: A2 QS3 Falc3 Mergen1

  • CPU: Intel core i5 6500

  • RAM: 8 GB

  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 380

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed: 10 Mb/s down, 0.80 up

  • Country/State: Italy

I’ve enjoyed GTW from monday to friday with the TeaTime guild, despite having a build that’s pretty much a PvE one. To me, the experience has been really fun so far, reminding me of an alternate version of the old RO WoE. I think this content will encourage guilds interested in PvP to become bigger and competitive, and players to make dedicated characters for this kind of content. I’m honestly hyped.

One hour duration is a correct time. There are of course some “dead moments” in which the parties will just chill and… picnic in the conquered zone before doing an assault, but overall I think one hour is a fair time for everyone to attempt assaults and strategize over the various areas.

As for the mechanics: they’re pretty simple, but engaging enough. Amplifiers, bosses, the random buffs from stamina crystals, and the guardian buff are good concepts that actually work with helping the assaulting and defending guild without breaking the balance.

I wonder if some kind of “server-wide announcement” could be added every time a guild conquers a zone. Is there a specific reason why this wasn’t introduced? I’m not saying it’s good or bad, I’d just like to hear the devs’ reasoning behind this choice.

As usual, there are “lag spikes”/fps drops especially during big-scale team fights. I managed to improve the issue by selecting “low quality” in graphic settings to help the game’s performance. This happens at crowded world boss fights too, so it’s old stuff. Of course it’s something that’s way better than it used to be, but some more ironing on performance side is definitely needed. Fedimian is a small, cozy server, but what is happening in bigger servers with bigger guilds fighting? I guess the frame drops might be pretty dramatic there…

Since many players so far had not been encouraged to explore the PvP side of the game, things are still a bit wonky; next thing I want to see, though, is how will the game reward winning guilds, because that part will be KEY into encouraging more guilds in participating and becoming stronger. Please devs, from now on take better and better care about PvP balance, other than PvE, so we can see more and more people involved in GTW!

Ah, one last thing, maybe small, but to me the most important one: SET ONLY THREE DAYS A WEEK FOR GTW OR SOMETHING. Doing it EVERY day is exhausting enough, especially since I personally have to juggle with dinner time around the same hour. The time is ok, despite not being perfect for me, because it’s right before feud (I don’t know why but I find it pretty amusing, because in feud teams are shaken up and include in the same team members of guilds who were at each other’s throats one minute earlier).

Well, that’s all I wanted to say. Of course this opinion/feedback/(half-blog?) post is personal and doesn’t include my whole guild’s opinions or anything, just wanted to let you hear my voice about it.

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its beta test
in kToS gtw only 1 time per week in friday