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Fedimian GTW Feedback by the great and only REIDCULO

  • Team Name: ReidCulo

  • Character Name: Kira

  • Class Build: Cleric 2/Priest3/Chaplain/Plague Doctor3

  • CPU: Athlon x4 860k

  • RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1866 mhz

  • Graphics Card: GTX 750ti

  • OS: Windows 7

  • Internet Connection Speed: 30 MiB

  • Country/State: Italy

  • Comments

The Map Design is okeish, we need more strategic points, even ones with different heights, and more natural covers. My suggestion would be that you can even go completely crazy and make every map based around two points to conquer, they can be captured by only one guild (if it’s powerful enough) or by two guilds at the time, that they will then proceed to “dance” all around the map in fights and everything would revolve more about the base/point “management” offense and defense, and the balance between the two. GTW would be more about skirmishes and resource management where even 1 party would matter if they play right, and this would also reduce the amount of guilds just rushing and crushing everything with their numbers. If you want you can still do it, but by doing so you will only get 1 point of 2, it’s your decision and also a new strategic element.

Dunno if there should be a PvP damage reduction or not, right now certain people do a LOT of damage and are able to kill a lot of people with ease, but if you do a damage reduction the characters with full CON and really high defenses will be even almost impossible to kill, so right now, I’m more against the damage reduction, or to put a HP Max Cap to all characters or for it to be class dependant, like Swordies would be allowed to have a higher HP cap, so they will be able to resist more, while Wizards/Archers should have a lower HP cap no matter how much CON or bonus HP they have, Clerics should be in the middle in this.

Apply more GTW only changes to skills, Especially Crowd Control related ones, or add a new stat that makes you able to resist ALL CCs more (with something like 30-40% as a cap) or to reduce their duration (still same percentage).

Put the possibility of forging alliances with other guilds, allied guilds will not receive friendly fire from each other and they will not be kicked by the map after one point is captured, alliances cannot be changed during the GTW duration and half hour prior to their start

Disable almost all Addons inside GvG Maps (I’m looking at you, zoomy). , some of them can be quite broken with certain classes like Musketeer and Sage, they have huge nuke skills with really long range able to ONE SHOT and KILL certain characters without even be seen inside the screen of the victim, so without ANY possibility of countering it, if not by FORCING EVERYONE TO USE THE ADDON, that’s not a healthy enviroment! Also because it restricts build choices around this strategy and nothing else, about performing it and countering it. Nothing more.

Put a cooldown to Dispellers and Miko’s charms. Make them able to dispel the debuff and then grant a short time immunity/resist to CC instead, this will allow the player to have a more strategic usage of the item instead of spamming it.

Put a cooldown to Enchanter’s Scrolls.
I would also make them less powerful than normally casted skills, but that’s more of a personal choice and would require some testing

Put the GTW time to max 1-2 times x week, like in kToS.
Put some (small) rewards for normal players, so that they will feel compelled to play.
Put a chat option that makes you able to remove the Kill/Death announcements of your guildmates during GTW
The first time I entered the GTW map, my character model seems to bug out, by being almost invisible expect the head or to have its model be the one of the starting trees (Clerics, Archers, and so on…) You could fix this by double checking the “Simplified Model” option, but it can be annoying to do it every time you enter, it’s been a while that the bug didn’t happen anymore, but, just in case, I’ll report it as well.

I hope you will like my feedback and ideas to make this game better than before!