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Feather Helmet Recipe Drop

Does anyone know where I can find this recipe? Been looking for it like crazy but no luck. If anyone knows where it drops, please help a girl out :confounded:


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Also waiting for that hat since i saw it in the Hackapell video in the Archer Rank 8 introduction


Pls, Blizzard :distinguished: @STAFF_Amy

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It’s the reward from the 9000 gimmick point achievement.

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Yeah, I thought that at first too, but then I realized that reward is the Feather Hat, not the Feather Helmet. Thank you though. Hopefully someone knows; I’ve seen it around a few times, so it’s gotta be out there.

The achievement is translated wrong, it is the feather helmet.

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Really? You’re positive right? Just wanna make sure, 9000 gimmick points is no small feat lol

***(edit again) Sorry, I looked it up some more and there’s confusion on it even with KR players it seems. The name in the achievements definitely matches the Feather Hat above in Korean. And then there are somehow two headgears called Feather Helmet. Not sure which one is incorrect, but based on this guys post, I feel like the gimmick award hat really is the one posted above.

If you actually have the hat or know someone who does please correct me. Just skeptical from different answers, and the fact that what I’m looking for seems to come from a recipe.

This is a late reply,
but just to clear your doubt.


How to get gimick points again? Lol
Also whats your advice to get 9k

You can get gimmick points from mini-games in certain maps
Find out which gimmicks that can give you points in a short amount of time (e.g. Alemeth Forest) and do it everyday.

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