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Fastest way to level up to 470?

I’m a returning player.
My current level is 452.
Is there a way to level up very fast?

This forum is ded. Join discord. If discord also ded, the game is.

Also you level by doin nothing, you login you get to 460. return in another 6 months or so and you will be rewarded with new free jump 470 or even later the new cap 480 free jump.

How to do instant 460?

create new char and do some tutorial quest

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After the 440 start zone there’s an npc, talk to him, he brings you to orsha’s lord, obtain the items from the achievement that is cleared, use the 460 boost card + clear voucher press f12 and get episode 12-2 gear.

You have 1 boost on first login in a green box and 1 boost from this mini quest ^

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I found it. It’s in the 1st day reward. :slight_smile:

Now, my goal is level 470.

Is there instant 470? xD


My main before is archer.
I’m planning to change my main to SR. (Easy AA)

if you have this exp tome then you can just spam lemprasa pond cm solo about … 10x or more … i think that’s enough to level 460 to 470


I was in vacation for a couple weeks and waited a month to get the returning package. It’s great… but why is there a Masinios weapon inside? (or level 315 stuff…)

Do the story of episode 12-1 to 14-1 and you’ll be cap level, with several stuff unlocked.
You can skip episode 12 with the scroll i was talking about, the rest should be done.
Characters boosted to 460 don’t need to grind to cap.