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Fast leveling from 25 to 35 plus bonus Caprisun Armor Set (best before level 40)

Quick and simple guide to level from 25 to 35 and collect the best armor set before level 40. While making this video, I reached level 29 to 31 in 30mins.

Srautus Canyon located in Srautas Gorge (mob level 26)

Cafrisun - rare boss

Cafrisun set

Strautus Gorge

Cafrisun set is nice but you can just chug your exp cards right there, why waste 30 minutes for level 29-31 when you can do that in 1 minute?

Because as you get higher level, specifically around 230, you lose a lot of potential grind locations and dungeons to level up properly. While the exp cards do make you level up quite quickly, many players are saving them until they hit a grind wall.

For example: Using your level 3 cards from 80-90. (You hit a exp reset which curves the experience gain thus making leveling a bit easier)
90 - 100 do dungeons. The curves make it easy to level up which this.
by 115 or 120 you would want to use all your level 4 cards.

The process continues in this motion where you definitely need to save ALL your level 5, 6 and so forth cards around level 230+ ( I can’t remember the level to do so) to get to the capped level 280. If you perhaps used it all by then, you’ll be stuck at a grind wall with very little exp gain due to lack of grinding areas and dungeons to make it up.


I totally agree with Luxiel :slight_smile:

Remember, its best to use exp card right before the exp curve resets ie 47, 87, etc.

Great explanation Luxiel and thank you for sharing some wise words of wisdom.

It’s level 30, not 230, level 2 cards hardly make any difference even at level 60.

You do want to save as much as you can though. While it may just be level 2, do note that from level 40 (or 50) you can dungeon straight up to level 70 and save the cards. Every EXP Card needs to count in terms of leveling. The more you save, the better. It’s all base on preference though and you’re more than welcome to disregard this, but it does get progressively harder to train at higher levels and trust me, a level 3 card or even a 2 can save you a lot of grinding hassle, aha.

While your sentiment is good, you can go straight from 1-90 by questing and completely skipping the level 50 dungeon. At least that’s what I did.

And trust me, I used all my level 2 cards to get to level 35, and by far I haven’t did any grinding.

Well you do want to take into consideration that some classes are actually much difficult to level up compare to other classes especially being able to go pass higher level quests without much problem until later on.

Unfortunately, I’ve done all my quests (Both in Klaipeda and Orsha) up to the point where I’m 10 levels underlevel than the map itself thus getting a EXP Penalty and was stuck needing to grind with both dungeons and field from level 72 to 90 due to using all my Lvl 1-3 cards early on in which I do still regret doing so as it could’ve saved me a lot of effort in needing to grind with 200 isn lvl 3 cards to get you up to 80 isn already.

It does vary, believe it or not and it can be argued that all class share the same experience chart in which they do but the amount of damage/tanking that is done is entirely different.

I know a good amount of the community was force to grind until level 90 as well. Don’t get me wrong, I do use all my EXP cards as well, I’m more or less stating there’s a time for it rather than using it all early on when you don’t necessarily need it when you can, as you say, just do quests and level up from that instead of the EXP cards.

Well, I’m current playing a swordman c3, you cannot go any slower than that, without AoE skill and range.

My swordman is now level 70, doing quest at level 70 maps (both sides) and I still have 90 level 3 cards and 100 level 4 cards left. I don’t see any need to grind any time soon. Moreover, I skipped level 50 dungeon completely due to the CommanderLoadFail error over the weekend.

hi, just a question, what is the spawn time for Cafrisun?
I spend 30 mins on that map and couldn’t find one
Also, it is certain that he drop an armor piece?

spawn time is about a minute, just stay at the bottom right of the map in the same channel

sword1-pelt1-barb1 72 lvl:
80+ lvl2 exp cards, 450+ lvl3 exp cards, 100+ lvl4 exp cards.
Just doing quests, some lowlvl farm for money =) what i doing wrong?

Nothing, you didn’t skip dungeon level 50, I did.

Also eat your level 2 cards, they wouldn’t even get you 1 level.

Eat all your level 3 cards will bring you to level 79-80 or so. So while the number looks really big, they don’t really have much effect since the exp required for each level get much larger once you get higher level cards.

As long as you can reach level 86 by eating exp cards, no matter how many you have left (even 0), you are fine since exp reset at level 86 will bring you to level 90 easily, and then you can run level 90 dungeon to make up for the exp gap by eating cards.

And running dungeon is much easier and faster than field grinding.

Don’t save cards, it’s stupid.

You guys only need use cards to get 4 underlvl of the mobs map

from 1 to 97 using all carda questing 0 grind
Dungeon 50 i got 10 lvl 50-60
Dungeon Lv 90 i got 90 to 97 and still having alot of quest maps Lv 84-9x :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great discussion guys!

By the way, check out this post about how to stack Cafrisun armor set along with fire buffs and Arde Dagger to have multi attacks with damages that stacks:

To understand this you need to understand 2 things: property damage and additional damage.
There are a few buffs in the game that add “additional damage”. Let’s talk about enchant fire, the pyromancer version. At level 5 it gives +15 fire property damage, and +15 additional fire damage.
So let’s say your Z swing hits for 100. Cast enchant fire and you will see the following damage numbers:
115 + 30
100 base, 15 additional, and then 15 property damage added to both.
So now we get to Cafrisun. The 4 piece bonus of Cafrisun is a 12 earth damage additional attack. Equip it, and press Z
100 + 12
Eequip it, cast enchant fire, and press Z
115 + 30 + 27
Now you want to see things get really crazy, equip an arde dagger (153 fire property bonus), cast enchant fire and press Z:
268 + 183 + 180.
Just for grins, let’s have a priest C3 cast a 15/15 blessing with 50/50 attribute (+170) on you:
430 + 353 + 350
So you see how such a thing is popular. With nothing but 100 basic damage, 1 wizard buff, 1 priest buff and arde dagger + cafrisun set you are dealing >1000 damage per swing. If I was smarter I would have done the example with sacrament, to help you understand why priests bring so much to parties, especially in early game.
*Note: all property damage is subject to the elemental table, which means sometimes you’ll see significant variance in damage done.

That explains what I found today, at this grind spot, 12 bots, killing everything in sight.

Unfortunately, this video was the catalyst to the botting of this map. This set was not as popular or mainstream in the U.S. servers but in Korea, it was OP due to the unique build you can set up utilizing the extra attacks.


A cleric with zero str can melee hit a monster for 300dmg, then blessing/sac for another 300dmg, then this set and arde dagger for another 300dmg.

By attacking once, that build hits for nearly 1000 dmg not including crit!