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Fast cleaning build?


I’m looking for a class that simply moves around quickly mass-killing whatever comes across its way…or as close as possible.

I main a full summoner, which I love, but is obviously not it. I’ve tried with ele-pyro, and as powerful as it hits, most skills require charging and those which don’t have long cooldowns. Bullet Maker is fun but the other scout classes seem meh to me, also overdrive has an annoying stationary delay.

I don’t mind usefulness or endgame viability, I’m simply wanna breeze through quests from 0.

Thanks for any advice.

Reiter and corsair, 3rd job anything you like

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An Onmyoji enters a bar… “I’d take more Howling White Tiger please!”

But if you don’t like long CD, make an AA build.

For example. Add Enchanter to it, since this will soon be buffed beyond expectation.

try Pelt-Barb-Doppel
since u just wanna breeze everything and don’t mind the usefulness/endgame
just learn Swashbuckling from Pelt, then spam away with barb and doppel.

For wizard build: onmyoji-psycho-any (cryo has some synergy). Onmyo has large AoE. Psycho has decent AoE and somewhat short cooldown and crowd control. Can also group a bunch of monsters and gravity pole.

For scout build: schwarzer reiter. I personally main a skill build SR with sheriff and outlaw. Retreat shot and marching fire both have low cooldown. Fanning deals with a smaller crowd or even single target. The evasion ability of the 3 classes synergize quite well together, not to mention blind fire provides some immunity.

By the way, I haven’t played the game for awhile. Not sure if a lot has changed, but the general strategies should apply.

Try SR builds or Omny>Chrono