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[FAN Suggestion] Cross Class Jobs Concept

Wouldn’t it be cool if we can mix two or three different jobs from different classes? Well to cut things short we jump directly to the concept. Please do not that this is a Fan made concept and I don’t expect it to get implemented in ToS.

Q:What is Cross Class Jobs?
A: It is a concept where you can combine different jobs from different classes.

Q: What does this require?
A: It requires a certain circle (probably 3rd circle) of a certain job in any of your character in the Lodge or in special cases, a certain level of a specific skill.

Q: So how would this work?
A: For example, there’s a cross class job named, Demon Hunter. It requires Circle 3 Rogue, Circle 3 Quarrel Shooter, and a Circle 3 Paladin. It doesn’t need to be in one character in case for Rogue and Quarrel Shooter but as long as there is a Circle 3 character in your Lodge. You can talk to an NPC in a town or probably out there in the wilderness depending on the cross class job. The quest will be divided depending on what jobs or class is required for that cross class job, for example again the Demon Hunter, the first part would require be done by a Circle 3 Rogue, the 2nd part by a Circle 3 Quarrel Shooter, and last by a Circle 3 Paladin. Completing the quest will grant your Team the “license” to create the Demon Hunter class for your Team. On special cases, it may also require a certain level of a specific skill in a certain job.

Q: How do I create this Cross Class Job character.
A: It will require a certain Base Class, in the case of Demon Hunter, a Cleric, the Demon Hunter’s weapon is a 2 Handed Crossbow OR 1 Handed Crossbow + Dagger. Since a Cleric cannot wield a Crossbow, it will be granted an attribute that will allow it to do so. You need to reach the 3rd circle of the base class before you can change to a Cross class job making the Cross Class Job a Rank 5 job. The cross class job wouldn’t require a quest in order to change.

Q: What are the other details for this Cross Class Job concept?
A: The Cross Class Job has 3 Circles and when choosing a cross class job you cannot choose a different job unless you complete the 3 Circles of that Cross Class Job. You cannot have two characters with the same Cross Class Job since the “license” will be consumed as soon as that character has changed to that cross class job.

Now on to Phase 2 of the concept.

Here are the Cross Class Jobs, their requirements, skills, and other details. I won’t put much detail on the skills especially with the numbers.

                     Demon Hunter

Requires: C3 Rogue, C3 Quarrel Shooter, C3 Paladin
Additional Requirements: Level 10 Smite, Level 10 Turn Undead, Level 5 Conviction

Weapon: Crossbow + Dagger, 2 Handed Crossbow (a new weapon only a Demon Hunter can equip) Cannot use other weapons after learning the attribute


                       Circle 1

Holy Stake

Skill Type: Melee, Instant
Weapon Required: Dagger
Damage Type: Physical/Holy
Description: Deals Bonus damage against Demon Race, Bonus is halved if different Race but is Dark element, Deals no bonus if it doesn’t fall into any category. Inflicts Bleeding. Using Holy Stake on a pinned enemy will do additional damage.


Skill Tyoe: Ranged/Channeled
Weapon Required: Crossbow (half max range) or 2 hand crossbow
Damage Type: Physical
Description: Fires a bolt that knocks backs an enemy at a certain distance depending on skill level and how long it is channeled and your distance against the target. If the target hits a wall, it is binded into place. If it hits another monster or player, the target and the other monster or player are knocked back until the skill reached max distance. Inflicts Bleeding.

Repel Evil Ward

Skill Type: Summon/Debuff/Casting
Weapon Required: Any
Damage Type: n/a
Description: After a brief casting, you place a ward that knocks back Demon and or Dark type monster around. Demon and or Dark type monster that are caught inside the ward are stunned (while bosses are slowed) On pvp this skill simply slows a player when they try to enter the ward. This ward is destructible and can be destroyed by enemies.


Skill Type: Buff
Weapon Required: Crossbow or 2 handed crossbow
Damage Type: n/a
Description: Each attack generates a Reckoning stack. Your attacks heal you for a certain amount after a certain stack (3 stacks), hitting a Demon race or Dark type restores your SP. Deal bonus damage against Demon race or dark type enemies after 3 stacks. No bonus against a monster that falls on other category but when you reach 3 stacks that target is slowed. Stacks are consumed if the 3rd is triggered or you change your target.

                    Circle 2

Into the Shadows

Skill type: Buff?/Movement type/No Cooldown/Instant cast/Consumes Stamina
Weapon Required: Crossbow or 2 handed crossbow
Damage Type: Any
Description: Roll on the direction you are facing, gain a movement speed buff before turning invisible after a few seconds. Your next attack gains you a Reckoning stack

Holy Cross

Skill Type: Summon/Casting/Has overheat charges
Weapon Required: Any
Damage Type: Magical/Holy
Description: Bring down an immobile cross that damages an enemy, it is treated as an obstacle and impale can be used to pin an enemy. The cross disappears after a certain duration. Additional crosses will create a link if in their range.

                       Circle 3


Skill Type:
Weapon Required: Crossbow or 2 handed crossbow
Damage Type: Magical/Holy
Description: Detonates Reckoning stacks to deal bonus damage. If linked holy crosses are present, they will explode dealing damage depending on how many crosses are linked.

Crossbow Burst

Skill Type: Attack/No Casting/ 3 secs CD
Weapon Required: Exclusively 2 handed crossbow
Damage Type: Physical
Description: Fires 3 bolts in quick succession, the 2nd bolt reduces physical defense, the third reduces critical resistance. When used on Demon or Dark monsters, the first bolt reduces their Holy element resistance.

---------------- END OF Demon Hunter CONCEPT -------------------

I have plenty of other concepts which are on paper right now so maybe if I have my spare time I can add them here. Enjoy dreaming (or not) :laughing:


Requires: C3 Pyromancer, C3 Swordsman, C3 Barbarian
Additional Requirements: Level 15 Enchant Fire, Level 15 Gung Ho, Level 10 War Cry

Weapon: One Handed Sword, Blunt.
Special Attribute: One Handed Swords and Blunt are treated as Two Handed, Fireband cannot equip a shield after learning the attribute

Skill Set:

                               Circle 1

Flame Strike

Skill Type: Attack/Melee
Weapon Required: One Handed Sword OR Blunt
Damage Type: Physical if Blunt, Magical if Sword, Fire Element both
Description: When using a sword, you unleash a flame wave that travels forward. When using Blunt, you slam the ground unleashing a flame shockwave around you in a small radius.

Flame Dash

Skill Type: Buff
Weapon Required: None
Damage Type: Magical for flame trail, Physical for collision.
Description: Dash in the direction you are facing to leave behind a flaming trail, if you collide with an enemy you deal damage and knock them down

Lava Spire

Skill Type: Attack/Ranged
Weapon Required: Sword or Blunt
Damage Type: Magical if Sword, Physical if Blunt, Fire and Earth element
Description: When using sword, unleashes a series of spires from the ground outwards in a line, enemies hit are knocked up in the air. When using blunt, spires are sent up in the air to fall down on enemies around you.


Skill Type: Attack
Weapon Required: Sword or Blunt
Damage Type: Magical if Sword, Physical if Blunt, Earth property for the first part, Fire property on the 2nd part
Description: When sword is used, a horizontal crevice is created in the direction you are facing, knocking down enemies, after a brief moment, flames will start rising from the crevice damaging enemies that come contact. When blunt is used, every other second all enemies around are damaged and are knocked down.

                    Circle 2

Lava Extension

Skill Type: Buff
Weapon Required: n/a
Damage Type: Fire element if Sword, Earth if Blunt
Description: If sword is equipped, your attacks become ranged and deal fire elemental damage. If Blunt is equipped, your AOE attack ratio is increased by a great amount.

Fire Armor

Skill Type: Buff
Weapon Required: n/a
Damage Type: n/a
Description: Enchants your armor with Fire Element, increases your Fire resistance. When hit by a fire elemental attack, there is a chance that you absorb part of the damage as HP. When hit by an Ice attack, the attack is blocked but your buff is canceled and puts the skill on cooldown with 200% more cooldown time than normal. Melee attacks on you will inflict burn status on the attacker, you gain additional evasion against ranged attacks.

                             Circle 3


Skill Type: Attack/Ranged
Weapon Required: n/a
Damage Type: Magical if Sword. Physical if Blunt. Fire Element
Description: When using sword, jumps toward target to unleash flames around in a circle trapping enemies, damaging and knocking them inward if they touch the flames. When using Blunt, jumps toward target to create a flame vortex that pulls enemies to you while dealing damage.

Flame Tornado

Skill Type: Ranged, Channeled
Weapon Required: Sword or Blunt
Damage Type: Magical if Sword, Physical if Blunt. Fire element.
Description: When sword is equipped, channel a flame tornado that grows as you channel then release to unleash it damaging and sucking all enemies in its path. If blunt is equipped, you spin as you channel a flame tornado that grows, damaging all enemies around you, when released creates a shockwave around you, damaging and slowing them.

---------------------- END OF FIREBRAND CONCEPT ------------



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