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[Fan Art Festival] Monster Mash

We were all working in the office, late one night…


Don’t give up on ToS, guys! Fighting!

Woah, this theme interest me since I’ve made Abomination, I’m so excited!

We were all working in the office, late one night,
when our eyes beheld the TOS Facebook site.
As we checked suggestions for our “Fan Art Theme,”
we easily decided our next big scheme.
In truth, we all agreed it would catch on in a flash,
if we decided to do a Monster Mash.

Nice touch TOS… dropping those sick rhymes. :wink:
This actually reminds me of Crasher-Vania

I’m excited to give this a try!
I saw that nothing in 3D is under the allowed mediums, are we allowed to do sculpts and models?

How many times I have to post/reply in the forum to be able to send PM to Staff_Leticia with my artwork? I’m not new in the game but I’m new in the forum!

Better start posting at

@Bedtime_Stories As long as you made them yourself you are free to do sculpts and models!
I’m excited to see your results~! :haha:

@Fuyuko Reading through a few posts and commenting once or twice should be enough!


Thank you for the response Letitia!

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Also I was recently asked: “Would it be okay to add blood to the image?” I think that’s fine, however, excessive amounts will not be allowed. This is a Halloween themed event and I would love to see some scary work but please remember that the winning artworks will be used an in-game loading images. Do not create something that will overly disturb your fellow players – not everyone can handle blood and gore.

Blood splats on a knife and such should be fine. A realistic drawing of a missing head or limb would not. But I’m sure you all knew that


New in the forum too, thank you very much the info, greetings!

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New in forums too! Will be joining! I’m hyped! :crazy_face:

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