Tree of Savior

Fan Art Exhibition vol.1


Greetings Forum-Saviors, Staff Letitia here!

As we near the end of our 7th Fan Art Festival, Monster Mash, I thought it would be fun to showcase the winning work from our 1st Fan Art Festival and to also share with everyone a little peek “behind the scenes” of what was going on in the minds of the Staff while preparing for the 1st Fan Art Festival.

So here’s a little bit of Fan Art history.

Way back when, on July 19th, 2016 to be exact, we officially announced our very first Tree of Savior Fan Art Fest! This Fest was in response to the fan art that was being uploaded onto the forum at the time and was an attempt to acknowledge and applaud the creative souls of the ToS fandom. Although the Staff was unsure how many submissions they would actually receive, they gave it a shot, regardless.

And to their surprise nearly 200 submissions were uploaded to the forum. The theme was a simple one – submit a work that reflected the adventurous world of Tree of Savior – but the battle for the chance to win the in-game title “Creative Soul” was fierce.

From these submissions received 10 were selected by the Staff.

Who were these lucky winners? Scroll down to find out and to read some of the Staff’s thoughts as they reflect on the work that was chosen.

Title: Swift Step
Server Name: Fedimian
Team Name: Incillu

STAFF Yuri: “A man and his companion fighting side by side is of course a treasured moment of ToS.”

Title: Friendship & Talt
Server Name: Klaipeda
Team Name: Mapo

STAFF Letitia: “This reminds me that I need to donate some Talt to my Guild…”

Title: Wings of Vibora Lena&Rosia
Server Name: Varena
Team Name: QiQi

STAFF Ines: “They look so united and angelic.”

Title: My Name Calls For The Curse
Server Name: [SEA] Telsial
Team Name: Tumbo

STAFF Sun: “The colors match so perfectly and there is so much detail in the tail!”

Title: Goddesses
Server Name: Fedimian
Team Name: ElinHime

STAFF Ethan: “This looks like stain-glass that could easily be found in a church in ToS.”

Title: Druid! Wipe it out!
Server Name: Varena
Team Name: Hakanai

Staff Amy: “The Kepas’ faces are just too cute.”

Title: Channeling Oracle
Server Name: Fedimian
Team Name: Allely

Assistant Bo: “Unlike the previous art the Kepas here look very happy.”

Title: Cryomancers with penguin
Server Name: Telsiai
Team Name: FairyStar

GM Guava: “My first and favorite companion is the penguin.”

Title: Demon Queen Gesti
Server Name: Silute
Team Name: Tintanie

GM Grape: “The Hide and Seek with Gesti quest still stands out in my mind. Looking at this makes me think that she can still find a way to hurt me…”

Title: Abomination
Server Name: [SA] Silute
Team Name: Archeleffer

Dev E.Cham: “Inspires me to start a guild!”

Once again, congratulations to our 1st Fan Art Festival winners!

The Staff were delighted to see all the wonderful submissions of the 1st Fan Art Festival. They were surprised not only by how many players participated but also by the quality and level of talent put on display.

Looking back on it now, the Staff felt lucky and #blessed to have so many talented and dedicated fans enjoying and supporting our game.

We can’t wait to see what art is chosen next! :heart_eyes:


It amazes me how much fan art TOS has produced. I love the artists. :heart_eyes:


First Fan Art Event ~ Best one ~ Great Artists :heart_eyes::star_struck::sparkling_heart:


They are super talented ! I remember joining this contest but I lost but then I saw the winners and im just… HATS OFF, THEY ARE AMAZING ! kudos to all those talented artists whether they won or did not ! they all spent their time and their works are well made :smiley:

the ‘Demon Queen Gesti’ still lingers in my memory as one of THE best art ive seen :slight_smile: it’s my inspiration whenever I want to join the fan art contests !


I believe this piece was from the same contest period also. A pity it didn’t get selected:
(I still can’t figure out why…)

Submission thread: [SUBMIT] Confetti


When i started playing ToS, submissions from the 1st Fanart festival was the one thing that drew my attention XD


The first few contests winners were selected randomly out of a pool of approved artworks.

This was discussed to be changed with the GMs and turned into the voting system we are using now, which still can use some improvement.